Why Certifications Are Good for Your Business, Your Employees, and Your Customers

Certification-BlogWhat makes industry certifications different from other training courses and classes? There are some significant differences, and while all training is a good thing, there are some clear benefits to industry certifications. Certifications cover topics in more depth; can include supporting reference materials and practical exercises; and require passing an extensive certification exam to validate the information covered before obtaining the certificate. 

These are the top five reasons why certifications are a good idea for your business:

• Better-trained employees. When staff members are certified, it shows that they have taken the time to be the very best they can be in their field or industry. The advanced, in-depth training offered in certification programs means that your certified staff adheres to industry best practices and standards, executing projects with increased quality and efficiency.

• Improved employee recruiting and retention. Employees with certifications tend to stay with organizations longer, reducing hiring costs and minimizing disruption to the business. Millennials and Gen Zers want to work for companies that invest in them and offer a path for personal and professional career growth. If you're going to attract and retain the best employees, investing in industry certifications must be a part of the mix.

• Your business stands out. Is competition high in our industry? You bet it is. What kind of company do you like to do business with? Often, it’s the credibility of the company and its staff, and not always who has the lowest price. A certified staff shows both your customers and your competitors that your business has more to offer.

• More productive staff. Regardless of the industry, study after study shows that certified employees are more efficient than those who are not — and who doesn’t want that? A certified staff member will look for better ways to do things in the areas they have control over, which ultimately benefits your company. Improved productivity and efficiency mean an increase in profitability.

• Better product/service quality. Your certified team members have completed an extensive process that ensures they have a solid understanding of what it takes to be best in class. This translates directly to an even better product or service quality — something that every business strives for.

From PDAA to G7, PRINTING United Alliance and its Idealliance division offer many opportunities for training and certification, with even more options to come in the near future (stay tuned!). To learn more about these available resources, visit printing.org/workshops.

Joe MarinJoe Marin is senior VP, education and training at PRINTING United Alliance, through which he pursues his passion helping people learn, advance, and grow. He has spent the majority of his career in the printing industry and is one of the leading voices on digital technologies, speaking at major industry trade shows and conferences on topics related to succeeding in a digital print environment.
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