Top 5 Printing Industry Tools

In an "information-overload" world where pretty much anything is available to you through a simple Google search, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what actually is (or isn't) useful to you. What’s more is that the printing industry is constantly changing, whether it's the new technologies and tools launching daily, or the passing of laws and new regulations to follow.

PRINTING United Alliance has been tirelessly developing new tools to help make your life easier by providing a one-stop resource for information and education for the industry. So, what’s in our toolbox? We’re so glad you asked!  

Ray Weiss Speaking5. Speakers Bureau  

Looking for a speaker to wow your next event? The PRINTING United Alliance Speakers Bureau is your next stop. This directory allows you to view, and potentially book, one of our subject matter experts on the spot. Consultative services are also available upon request. Please reach out to for further information.  

4. Continuous Improvement (CI) Tools  

The Lean Manufacturing Assessment Tool is a quick, confidential assessment designed to help you benchmark your operation against others in lean manufacturing, while offering insight on how these principles are benefitting companies. It is based on Iwao Kobayashi’s 20 Keys to Workplace Improvement. Even if your company is not using many lean manufacturing concepts, taking the assessment will help you understand how companies are using lean to gain a competitive advantage. It's a great starter tool that all organizations should have in their box.  

Another CI tool to add to your kit is the Culture Audit Tool. Evaluating your company’s culture in this way should help you see opportunities for improvement. You can also use these questions to create a survey for your coworkers and employees. Executives are often surprised to find that their perceptions are considerably different than those of their employees. 

3. Center for Human Resources Support  

The Center for Human Resources Support (CHRS) provides expert assistance in labor and employment issues and how they affect the printing industry. CHRS specializes in helping your business stay up to date on the latest laws, regulations, and trends in labor and employment while providing guidance on implementing them. Here are just a few of the valuable tools:  

  • COVID-19 Information for Employers
  • Sample Job Descriptions (Coming Soon*)
  • Sample Policies and Templates 
  • Paid Leave Laws and Policies (Coming Soon*) 
  • HR Toolkit (Coming Soon*) 
  • HR FAQs 
The best part is that it's only one webpage that you need to remember. We cover all your HR needs and bring it to you in one place.  

2. Advocacy Action Center 

PRINTING United Alliance employees and advocates are a powerful voice in speaking out for pro-print, pro-business policies that build a stronger industry. The Advocacy Action Center platform gives you the access to take action now, whether it's calling your congressman or finding a Congressional Committee. In just a few clicks you can even submit pre-drafted letters to your local legislator in support/opposition of a current bill. This quick and easy-to-use tool can help you become a printing industry champion.

Find a Printer Directory

1. Directories  

This handy tool (cue a "Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor grunt") gives you the ability to locate equipment, supplies, printing companies, graphic installers, and more. You can search by company or specialty and define the geographic location, depending on where you need the job done. Looking for digital imagers and screen printers? Check out the "Find A Printer" directory. For quality installation work, peruse the "Find PDAA Certified Installers" directory. Within seconds, you have a list of potential vendors that can meet your specific needs. Take that, Google!  
The PRINTING United Alliance "shop" has been around for a while. And although our name has changed over the years, our pros are still here to provide the tools and tips to help our members, and the industry at large, build a well-oiled machine. 
Rachel Hofman
Rachel Hofman is PRINTING United Alliance's marketing director. She joined the association in April 2018.