The Top 5 Membership Resources to Download

In addition to its many events and programs, you may not realize that among PRINTING United Alliance's membership benefits are handy guides and templates to which businesses can refer for various needs, from safety considerations to industry benchmarking.

Here are the top five downloadable resources you don't want to miss out on.

Lockout tag-out machine5. 2020 Lockout and Tag-out Template (LOTO) 

This template is provided to establish the minimum requirements for the lockout of LOTO energy-isolating devices whenever maintenance or servicing is performed. These procedures are designed to eliminate unexpected energization, startup of the equipment, or a release of stored energy. As a reminder, businesses' lockout and tag-out programs must establish these requirements by piece of equipment.

4. Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Template 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) EAP standard requires a company to develop EAPs for employee evacuation. This template has been developed to meet the requirements of the OSHA standards applicable to companies. The plan addresses the actions employers and employees will take to ensure employee safety in emergency situations.

3. COVID-19 Business Indicators Research  

Print Business Indicators Research February 2021To help printers navigate COVID-19's unprecedented economic impact, NAPCO and PRINTING United Alliance launched the Print Business Indicators Research. This research tracks trends in sales, production, quote activity, industry confidence, and more, across different printing segments. Having started in May 2020, there are four installments available on, with a fifth to be released soon.

2. Convergence in the Print Industry

Another great resource from PRINTING United Alliance and NAPCO Research, "Convergence in the Print Industry: Understanding Growth Opportunities and Competition," explores the changing market dynamics across printing segments. The active migration occurring in the printing industry (with 95% of printers see opportunity expanding their business) is what ultimately spurred the idea behind PRINTING United, and this research explores which areas have the most opportunity, and how business can best serve customers in ever-changing environment. Additionally, it provides insight on the critical need to adapt and grow, and the significance of a consolidated printing industry.

PRINTING United Alliance Guide 20211. The Guide 2021

For a refresher on all of the Alliance's offerings and membership benefits, be sure to have The Guide handy. This is the Alliance's annual roadmap to help point you through your journey, detailing all the association's exciting stops, services, and resources in 2021. From all the year's events to everything the association is rolling out this year, catch up with this go-to resource.

Taylor Mitchell is a membership coordinator at PRINTING United Alliance. She has been with the association for two years and works in many facets of the membership experience — from helping new members get started, to helping answer any questions via the Alliance's phone, live chat, and email.