Partnering with Printers on Process Free Since 2005

New products like KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates are not only helping to reduce waste and improve efficiency, they also enable consistency of performance and image quality, as well as increase printers' profitability. That's why over 4,000 printers of all sizes rely on Kodak to capture all the benefits of process free. And, with the introduction of KODAK SONORA X Process Free Plates last year, up to 80% of printers can now easily switch to process free plates without making sacrifices in terms of productivity or resolution.

the benefits of process free being so accessible to the market and straightforward to integrate, Kodak expects about 30% of plates sold by Kodak to be process free by the end of 2019.

Why do all these printers trust Kodak to help them make the transition to achieve all the benefits of process free?

Heritage of Innovation

Customers trust Kodak's history in materials science, deposition science, and digital science to lead the way in the process free revolution, which started with its introduction of the first commercially successful process free plate in 2005, the KODAK THERMAL DIRECT Plate. This was followed by the introduction of SONORA XP Process Free Plates in 2012. All these technology innovations and investments have paved the way to today's SONORA X Plate--the most versatile and reliable process free plate with the widest set of capabilities on the market today.

Manufacturing Excellence

Turning innovation into reality is where Kodak's legacy of manufacturing excellence makes all the difference. Kodak continues to invest in its manufacturing capabilities to the tune of $80M over the past ten years. This investment translates into more efficient processes that help keep costs down while maintaining high-quality products for customers. And we're able to bring the quality of Kodak products to printers anywhere in the world when they need it, and as quickly as possible with manufacturing sites in North America, Europe, and Asia.

World-Class Support

Kodak's Technical Sales and Service Teams continue to work with customers around the world to help them with the logistics of switching to process free within a multitude of press conditions, workflows, and infrastructures. Sheetfed, web, newspaper, packaging, and UV printers can switch to SONORA with ease - and peace of mind.

In an increasingly competitive and complex industry, we know printers are looking for solutions that give them the flexibility to grow their businesses profitably and sustainably. Kodak continues to invest and build upon its history of innovation to help our customers achieve those goals.

Now's the time to partner with Kodak on your transition to process free. Contact a Kodak sales rep for more info.