Attention-Grabbing Packaging

Unique Printed Packaging — Guy Welch PhotographyBehavioral scientists have determined that the attention span of the average consumer is eight seconds. I put that in perspective this way: The attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds. The attention span of a horse is seven seconds. So we humans are somewhere between a fish and a horse. So, what does this mean for packaging today?

It means that brands have less time and more competition for our attention than ever before. Packaging has the power to engage consumers, launch brands, drive brand revenue and create memorable brand moments. I'd even go so far as to say that brands don’t exist without effective packaging or consumer engagement.

Innovative Packaging — Guy Welch PhotographyWhen I strategize with brands about how to create packaging that delivers that kind of differentiation, I talk about the four levels of versioning (random, affinity, one-of-a-kind and personalized), as well as smart packaging, tactility, embellishments — and all the innovations of today’s packaging. All the innovations that make now a time of tremendous growth potential for packaging.

Powerful design strategies, along with strong partnerships between designers and print service providers, will inspire brands to see the possibilities and power in packaging innovations to capture consumer attention, drive engagement, increase sales and build brand loyalty. All in eight seconds.

Read more of Vicki's insights on packaging techniques and check out her PRINTING United presentation "You Have Eight Seconds: Why Now is the Best Time for Innovative Packaging" (Wednesday, October 23, 10 AM).