The Whole Safety Package

Newly available from SGIA’s Government Affairs team is the Walking Working Surfaces (WWS) Safety Package. This collection of resources is a comprehensive compliance resource that builds on our Ladder Safety Package. The recent addition of a rule overview booklet, two more posters and five checklists completes the package to be a one-stop shop for your WWS compliance needs. Here's what the package specifically includes.

  • The Rule Overview Booklet contains background and a brief explanation of the rule, along with how to use all of the package's resources.

  • Four Safety Posters cover topics of slip/trip/fall and ladder safety, each displaying catchy sayings and images that will easily stick with employees throughout their working day. These are designed to be hung in areas with high frequency of ladder usage, elevated surfaces, or near areas that may be prone to spillage.

  • The Ladder Safety Brochure — including ladder safety best practices in an easy-to-read format — is intended to be used as a quick info packet to be accompanied by a training, orientation or refresher course.

  • Safety InspectionThe Ladder Compliance Checklist details what to look for in a ladder to make sure it is in safety compliance with OSHA regulations. This also includes checklists for general ladders, portable ladders, and fixed ladders shorter and taller than 24 feet, as well as cages, wells, and platforms, and ladder safety systems requirements.

  • The Ladder Per Use Inspection Checklist outlines procedures to practice before each ladder use to ensure stability and safety.

  • The WWS Compliance Checklist encompasses a more holistic list of WWS compliance, from fall hazards and fall protection requirements to training requirements.

  • The Periodic Inspection Checklist walks you through a WWS inspection. Every strong Safety and Health Program should include a frequent inspection of the facility.

  • The Training Checklist helps employers stay accountable for holding regularly scheduled trainings and refreshers to proactively avoid injuries. It also helps them organize what to include in these trainings.

Each of these resources is designed to guide you through a specific portion of a complete Walking Working Surfaces Compliance Program. Having a strong written program is important in laying the groundwork for maintaining safety by taking preventative measures rather than reactive measures after an accident has occurred. Combining these completed resources with robust training, education and management programs will effectively engage employees and keep them safe.

Check out the Safety and Health Page on SGIA’s website to view our downloadable resources! If you are interested in receiving extra information or are interested in participating in the 2020 Safety Recognition Program, contact the Government Affairs department at or 888-385-3588.