Business Essentials for Graphics Producers

Business Growth and ProfitabilityFor graphics producers, there will be much to see (and process) at the upcoming PRINTING United event in Dallas (October 23 - 25): New technologies, game-changing new products and applications, and the inherent possibilities of industry convergence. With more than 625 exhibiting companies, there will be much to do and consider. And for any graphics producer looking for a “sure thing” during PRINTING United, SGIA’s Graphics Producers Luncheon is a not-to-be-missed event.

In addition to a delicious buffet lunch, the event will present three top-shelf, fifteen-minute presentations, delivered in a rapid-fire style that will feed your brain with business-building insight.

Barb PellowThe presentations begin with industry veteran Barb Pellow (Pellow & Partners), whose presentation, “Selling to the Top Level,” will provide business leaders with experience-based tips on how to build and foster lucrative relationships with the sales decision makers your company seeks. This presentation helps you sell to the right people, and to develop strong accounts that last.

Mike PhilieNext up is industry consultant Mike Philie (The Philie Group), whose presentation, “The True Leading Indicator,” will discuss how investment in, and engagement of, your team results in a true “leg up” for companies seeking to grow and stay strong. In an industry where finding and keeping great employees is an ongoing challenge, strong strategies to help you do so are invaluable.

Jim RussellIn the event’s final presentation, Jim Russell (New Direction Partners) will share with the audience his “Ten Attributes of High-Growth Companies.” These traits were identified through his extensive work with leading companies across the printing spectrum. Your attention during this eye-opening session will result in applicable tips for your business.

A final, and equally important, feature of the Graphics Producers Luncheon is the opportunity to network during the event. For many industry professionals, the contacts business leaders make, and the lessons they learn from new colleagues, is one of the strongest benefits for any conference or expo.

Whether your company is just getting started in the graphics segment, or it’s been operating there for decades, you owe it to yourself (and your business) to attend this luncheon. I look forward to seeing you there.

The Graphics Producers Luncheon is $30, and can be added to PRINTING United registration. Register today.