Printing Inside the Box: One of the Hottest Packaging Trends in 2019

Have you heard of the social media trend "unboxing"? Unboxing literally means to take something out of the box. There are currently 1.6 million videos on YouTube devoted to people unboxing their packages! These days, your packaging is more important than ever. According to Printing Impressions, this is one trend that's affecting the print industry for the better. Printing inside the box, or inside-only print, takes place when you choose to skip printing on the exterior of your box and only have print branding displayed on the inside.

Here are a few reasons why this print strategy can be a game-changer and still provide a great unboxing experience:

  • Offers a wow factor. Cleverly placed branding and messaging like a funny line or custom message can surprise and delight your customers.
  • Helps reduce incidences of theft and provides privacy. Since printing inside is nondescript, people may be less likely to steal a package that doesn't reveal its contents.
  • Emphasizes the "cleaner" inside. Most delivered packages end up with wear and tear on the outside. The unscathed interior will be the focus when the customer opens it.

How can companies showcase their brand using printing inside the box? Here are a few ideas:

  • Describe the company mission and history
  • Share an inspirational quote
  • Use a flash of bright color or signature brand color
  • Try a patterned design using your company's logo
  • Include a Thank You message