KODAK AQUA-IMAGE Pressroom Chemicals Are Designed to Improve Performance on Press


Kodak is well-known for providing market-leading, innovative digital plates, and a few years ago we took our technical knowledge of how a plate works best and extended that knowledge into the pressroom with a new line of pressroom chemicals. Now, KODAK AQUA-IMAGE Pressroom Chemicals are getting attention from printers who are using them to get superior performance on press.

We asked HB Sloan from Wesco Graphics, who recently started using AQUA-IMAGE SF-2 Fountain Solution and AR Fountain Additive, about his experience with the product.

Q: Can you describe your business and your role there?

A: Wesco Graphics prints and mails weekly advertising inserts, catalogs, coupon books, magazines and flyers. My focus is general production management with a specialty in prepress and IT.

Q: What plate have you been using?

A: We run KODAK SONORA NEWS Process Free Plates.

Q: What made you choose SONORA Plates?

A: Before we tried SONORA NEWS Plates, our trials with process-free plates weren't successful. Our long experience with Kodak's workhorse CTP imaging equipment and service team gave us the confidence to try their process-free offering. With SONORA NEWS Plates, we were able to get rid of our processing equipment. It was a good move for us.

Q: When did you start using the AQUA-IMAGE Fountain Solution and Additive, and what improvements have you seen since you switched?

A: We had some difficulties with non-image area sensitivity on our gloss-coated cover press running an older model fountain solution. The switch to Kodak's AQUA-IMAGE SF-2 Fountain Solution eliminated the trouble immediately.

KODAK AQUA-IMAGE SF-2 Fountain Solution is a 1- or 2-step fountain solution designed for critical applications. It contains high levels of desensitizers and gum to ensure consistent, clean printing at all times. The SF-2 Fountain Solution also has very low levels of VOC's and is compliant with California's VOC regulations.

Kodak offers a diverse range of pressroom chemicals that are designed to enhance on-press performance and are compatible with KODAK Plates. Products include fountain solutions and additives, plate cleaners and scratch removers, storage gums, and a suite of press care products. To learn more, visit our AQUA-IMAGE Pressroom Chemicals web page.

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