Putting the Best to the Test

PDAA Wrap Team Challenge InstallerThe Professional Decal Application Alliance (PDAA) is already ramping up excitement for the PDAA Pro Team Relay at PRINTING United this October in Dallas.

If you’re not familiar with PDAA, it is to the vinyl installation industry what a master chef is to the restaurant business. Its Master Certified members have a demonstrated proficiency for vinyl applications of all types and for any project. They are a sought-after source for tried and tested vinyl installers for print customers everywhere. As the need for more qualified installers has grown, individual competitions such as this one garner more exciting participation each year.

New Year, New Show, New Competition 

PDAA Master Certified Installers CompetingWith the introduction of PRINTING United — the latest iteration of the SGIA Expo — the PDAA Pro Team Relay follows up the 2018 Wrap Team Challenge with a new twist. Taking place October 23 - 24, the competition will feature two-person installer teams competing in a relay with four different stations: the quarter panel of a car, a rivet wall, rough texture surface with a two-panel graphic, and an acrylic with a two-color vinyl. While teams jointly registered for last year’s competition, participants will now register individually, and be paired by a hat drawing (the first 10 get paired with a “superstar” installer!).

If you’ve never witnessed a wrap competition at a trade show, this would be the year to make it your first. For both the participants and the crowd, the nervous nail-biting is part of the show. Veteran wrappers know what we mean, and preparations are already underway as potential competitors plan their moves now for increased speed and accuracy. Newcomers are in for a treat as you watch them wrap like a master and root for your favorites.

A First-Hand Look at PDAA Skills

PDAA Graphics InstallationPDAA plays a vital role in our industry as it strives year after year to offer top training and education for its members. Printers know they can trust the quality of a PDAA Master Certified Installer and have come to depend on them to make their projects look great and keep their customers happy. There is no substitute for a quality installer and members know the value of gaining certification by a reputable name such as PDAA. The recognition and association are an immeasurable value to an installer’s business and reputation. Every year, the newest training and trends in the industry are displayed in a competition that highlights the skill and determination of each dedicated participant.

Don’t miss your chance to see this quality in action at PDAA’s booth this October. We’re showcasing some of the best installers and techniques, and we promise the event will be as exciting for onlookers as it will for the individuals competing. We’ll see masterful skills under the pressure of performance as we cheer them on. The winners will leave with prizes and accolades and the respect of the top installers in the business.

On behalf of the rest of the PDAA Committee, we look forward to seeing you there!

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