The Talk of the Trade Show

Orbus-Designed Trade Show ExhibitionA trade show represents one of the more significant marketing opportunities for a company to make a big, yet intimate, splash in front of prospective customers. When designed and constructed properly, a booth can capture attention, create an interactive experience that immerses a visitor, produce memories that last beyond the show, and hopefully create new business.

Trade-show booths that stand out from the crowd take time to produce. They’re the product of a long process that begins with understanding your audience and what solutions you can offer them. In the printing world, you have the unique opportunity to show someone solutions, rather than merely telling them. Indeed, booths that incorporate real-world examples can help inspire customers to see what’s possible.

Ricoh Printing Trade Show ExhibitVisual appeal is an essential in getting attendees to spot your booth from the other side of the expo floor. The use of bright colors and a mix of interesting graphics, substrates and shapes can go a long way toward making a booth that draws people in.

Backlit fabrics are becoming more popular in today’s booth, and for good reason. They can produce extremely vibrant colors and can cover large wall areas, easily producing a large presence on a show floor. In addition to visual appeal, the relatively light weight of fabric means it can be transported inexpensively.

Top Value Fabrics Backlit GraphicAdvances in technology, both when it comes to print graphic capabilities as well as applications involving augmented reality and RFID, are changing what’s possible in the construction of trade booths. The ability to create a booth that’s the talk of the show is well within reach.

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Images (in order) courtesy of Orbus Exhibit & Display Group, GAM Graphics and Marketing, and Top Value Fabrics. 

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