256 Shades of Gray

The groundbreaking technology introduced in the KODAK NEXFINITY v12 Digital Press, the most recent addition to Kodak's portfolio of digital sheetfed presses, enables a step-change in print performance. The heart of the platform is a brand new writing system that delivers exceptional quality and consistency over long runs, advancements that are enabled by two fundamental technology innovations: multi-bit LED (light emitting diode) writers and Dynamic Imaging Technology.

Multi-bit LED writers enable higher resolution

The NEXFINITY v12 Press' LED writing system consists of five LED writers, one for each color, that quadruple the density of information capable of being delivered to the imaging cylinders to 1200x1200 resolution in each writer. In addition, each individual LED can adjust its exposure at 256 different levels, creating different charge levels on the imaging cylinder. Higher charge areas attract more ink and lower charge areas attract less ink, enabling intensity-modulated screening that delivers extremely rich color and outstanding detail across the full tonal range.

NEXFINITY's LED writing system also images extremely hard dots that hold their shape for very long runs, similar to gravure printing, which has traditionally been used to deliver millions of impressions of the highest quality publications. The NEXFINITY Press is equipped to deliver similar quality and consistency in high-volume production environments with a level of precision and consistency well ahead of competing digital presses.

Dynamic Imaging enables exceptional quality and consistency

Dynamic Imaging is a unique and powerful technology that analyzes different areas within individual images, then automatically improves those areas by combining multiple techniques based on image-specific content:

  • Computational halftone screening: enables screening adjustments on the fly in specific image areas.
  • Gray Resolution Enhancement Technology (GRET): smooths edges and enhances uniformity by adding exposure where needed.
  • Border Enhanced Screening Technology (BEST): creates additional halftone dots to stabilize color and eliminate moire in tonal transitions.
  • Smart RGB: a set of algorithms that smooth midtones while maintaining highlight and shadow detail.

The resulting image quality enhancements are far superior to conventional AM and hybrid screening found on other printing processes.

Contact your Kodak sales representative to learn more about how the NEXFINITY Press platform can help you optimize your entire operation.