Faster Makeready for Faster Profits

Everyone knows that SONORA Process Free Plates can save time and money in prepress, but did you know are ways that SONORA Plates save money in the pressroom?

SONORA Plates can significantly reduce start-up times on press, saving not only time but paper, ink, and other makeready costs. Our new SONORA X Plates reach target density over 2 times faster than wet processed plates.

Here's how it works. The coating of SONORA X Plates is very oleophilic, or ink-loving, and there is also no gum layer that must be removed. As the press starts up and accelerates to operating speed, SONORA X Plates receive the ink quickly, reaching target density in as few as 10 sheets.

By contrast, wet processed plates take over twice as many sheets to reach target density, due to removal of the residual gum layer and gum desensitization of the coating.

Here's a chart showing the number of sheets it takes for both SONORA X Plates (the orange line) and a processed and gummed plate (the blue line) to reach target density. Many of our customers report even faster makeready with SONORA X Plates.

How fast is your makeready? And how much could you save by cutting your makeready time and materials in half?

Contact your Kodak sales representative to request a demo and see how much you could be saving with SONORA Plates.