Premier Print Awards Q&A Interview with Dean Hruby, Vice President of Sales of Henry Wurst Inc.

Printing Industries of America's Premier Print Awards program is an international print competition that recognizes exceptional print pieces from around the globe. Companies who enter have the opportunity to submit extraordinary print pieces with the potential to win industry-wide recognition.

The 2018 Best of Category winner for Cartons, Containers, Boxes, and Totes was Henry Wurst Inc., who submitted a Starbucks Coffee Company Barista Kit. Dean Hruby, Vice President of Sales, discussed what sets his company apart and how his devoted sales team led the company to win this prestigious award.

How did your company prepare your entry?

We utilized a group of 7-8 people to help us prepare for the competition. Our company was successful in 2017, so our group was excited for the challenge. We were able to attend a few local competitions which had everyone feeling competitive, excited, and ready for the 2018 Premier Print Awards submission.

How did you decide on what printed piece to submit?

There were several options that the sales team presented. I was the deciding factor as to what the company's final submission would be. I chose what I felt would be the best piece for each category and what would accurately represent our company.

What do you believe distinguished your company from others in order to win a Premier Print Award?

I have to give credit where credit is due, and that goes to our sales team. They made themselves invaluable by developing many unique and creative design concepts for our clients.

How did winning a Benny impact your company's future?

There was a major sense of pride that came from winning this award. There was an increased sense of loyalty within the company, sales team, and clients. I made extra Benny awards for the employees to show off their hard work.

How did your company celebrate the win?

We brought everyone together for a meeting and announced our win. Everyone was extremely excited to see that their hard work had paid off. This was an especially momentous event, because it was only the second Benny that our company has ever won.

Will you be entering our competition again this year?

Yes, we already have! We have submitted a couple of different entries so far.

Are there any tips/suggestions you can share based on the knowledge you have gained from last year's submission?

It is important to remember that this is an ongoing event, and not something that you should just think about once. This way, our staff has a greater sense throughout the entire year as to what products or pieces would be worthy of a submission.