Investing in Printing's Future

Thanks to the generosity of industry donors, SGIA has had the privilege of awarding its annual scholarship to students pursuing the printing and graphic communications fields. We are currently accepting 2019 scholarship applications through April 30, which will provide 20 recipients $2,000 each. I spoke with Tesa Pearman, a past recipient, to see what she's been up to, and how the scholarship has helped further inspire her career path.

Nuss: How did you first become interested in graphic communications? How has your education influenced your career choice?  

Pearman: I actually didn't become super interested in graphic communications until my freshman year of college. In high school, I became interested in designs and layouts through yearbook class and learned about the University of Central Missouri's Graphic Technologies program on a visit. The ability to learn about not only design, but the process to a finish product really fascinated me. Thus became my interest in the graphic communications industry.

Did you have an internship as part of your education program? If so, how did that help you now?

SGIA Scholarship QA - Tesa PearmanI am currently in the middle of my second internship.  My first internship was mostly design-oriented. I had spent most of my summer recreating hundreds of school logos for Inter-State Studios' upcoming fall portrait season. Additionally, I worked with the operations manager to develop a system to measure efficiency. This project was put in place so employees could see progress and areas that could potentially need help. This internship really helped me redefine my goals and narrow down my interests of future career opportunities. 

What is your current position? What does your typical day look like?

My current position is Project Coordinator Intern at Boelte-Hall in Roeland Park, Kan. I work alongside four other project coordinators to create estimates, enter jobs and oversee the flow of production to ensure deadlines are met. I have thoroughly increased my print industry knowledge and am eager to learn more throughout the summer. 

My typical day starts with arriving at the office and preparing for our morning huddle meeting with the press floor. The rest of the morning is spent reviewing estimates with the salesmen until our 11 a.m. Enterprise training session. The afternoon is again spent creating and reviewing estimates/orders and ensuring all products are shipped on time for the day.

SGIA Scholarship - Tesa PearmanWhere do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I hope to have achieved my goal of being in a management position within a printing company or a company in the printing industry. I want to use the next five years as stepping stones to bigger and better things.  

What impact did winning the SGIA Scholarship have on your education or career?

Winning the SGIA Scholarship played a big part in helping me focus on my schooling. I not only wanted to work hard and succeed for myself, but also for those who had helped me financially along the way.  Having the support of the SGIA Scholarship has meant so much to me and truly helped me thrive as a student.