TAGA Ambassador Q&A with Trey Bowe


The Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA) is pleased to announce the new TAGA Social Media Ambassador program! This program is a way to get students involved with TAGA by agreeing to donate their voice. They share our mission and their personal connection to our organization on all social media channels, so please be sure to follow along!

The TAGA Ambassadors come from across North America, representing Ryerson University, Clemson University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Ball State University, Western Michigan University, and Appalachian State University!

Trey Bowe from Clemson University is highly ambitious to get his start in the graphic communications industry!

What school do you attend, and what are you currently studying?

I am currently enrolled at Clemson University and studying as a Graphic Communications undergraduate student.

What makes your major unique? What do you like most about your choice of major?

What I enjoy most about Graphic Communications is the flexibility and range of what you can accomplish even as just a student. At Clemson, they provide you with these amazing opportunities that allow you to go in so many different directions that no matter how crazy your ideas might be, there's always people willing to help you realize them. The freedom and support that comes from it is such a wonderful feeling.

What do you like about being involved with TAGA and the student chapter?

The student chapter of TAGA has given me a hands-on and realistic approach to what things will be like in the work environment and the experience that comes from working with a team on a common project. The part that I admire the most is that each student is given a chance to shine and put their personal skills in the spotlight.

When you aren't studying, in class, or working, what are you doing?

Outside of class, I enjoy working on personal design projects to push myself creatively. That or I am writing and preparing things for the Dungeons & Dragons campaign that I run with a small group of my friends on campus every week.

What city are you currently living in? What do you like most about it (favorite spots)?

I currently live on the Clemson campus. My favorite spots are the band practice field and Fike Recreation Center, because they are where I get to meet up and hang out with a large number of my friends either through marching band or through fencing.

What would your future dream job entail?

Ideally, I would like to be able to work both individually or with a team depending on the project. Also, a fair balance between creative freedom and manageable guidelines would be helpful and appreciated.

What do you envision yourself doing 5 years from now?

Hopefully enjoying a fulfilling career where I am able to push myself and my creativity.

Do you have a favorite quote you live by, and if so, what is it?

"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand." -Vince Lombardi. I try to apply the mentality of this quote to how I work because I feel that it says that even if you may not reach the end goal of your task, applying everything you have is success in its own way.