Generation Z + Print

With millennials well into adulthood, businesses are now turning their attention to the next generation entering the workforce: Generation Z. Who are they, and what are their attitudes toward print?

Who is Generation Z?

While age ranges vary, most reports of Generation Z describe them as being born between between 1995 and 2012. Businesses should pay attention: they make up about 25% of the population and are estimated to become 40% of consumers by 2020.[1] Most of Generation Z could be described as digital natives. They have never known a life without digital products and services like Google, mobile phones, and Wifi. With mobile technology a constant in their lives, recent reports show that they spend nearly three hours a day on social media applications.[2]

Generation Z appreciates brands that make authentic, personal connections with them, such as responding quickly to their questions on social media or learning about their preferences. [3] In a recent survey, 65% of this demographic reported that brands should take a stand on social issues.[4] Despite growing up digital, Generation Z values tailored shopping experiences and prefers engaging with products at brick-and-mortar stores. Still, 75% use their phones to research products while shopping.[5]

Generation Z and the Appeal of Print

Generation Z represents an emerging market for the print industry.[6] Recent reports find that they:

  • Spend about 1 hour each week reading magazines[7]
  • Prefer reading printed books [8]
  • Favor printed learning materials (textbooks, research articles) to help them focus[9]
  • Value print media and trust print publications more than digital media [10]

Reaching Generation Z

Are you looking to update your business approach and reach out to the next generation of consumers? Here are four tips to consider:

  • Incorporate digital technology into brick-and-mortar experiences
    • Does your website function across all devices?
  • Build customer relationships in person and on social media channels
    • See our blog post on social media in the print industry
  • Provide personalized and customized products and services
    • Collect available data and build profiles of your customers
  • Share your company mission and values

The infographic [1] below summarizes this blog post. Feel free to download or share it!

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