The Story of Golden Image

SGIA is now accepting entries for the 2018 Golden Image Competition. The competition was established for the members of the Screen Printing Association International (SPAI) and was first held in Chicago at SCREEN PRINT ’80. Originally named “Golden Squeegee,” the competition featured 27 categories which has now grown to 53 categories. There’s a category for everyone, no matter what community you are in or product you print. In keeping with industry trends, the competition name was changed in 1993 to the Golden Image Competition.Golden Image GalleryFor many, first exposure to Golden Image was a visit to the display gallery at the annual SGIA Expo. Attendees get to see a variety of items on display – fine art, signs and posters, electronic circuitry, membrane switches, T-shirts, towels, gaming devices and perhaps even an impressive lenticular print that creates the illusion of depth and motion on a flat surface.

The main goals of the Golden Image Competition are to encourage top quality industry products, broaden the horizon of those viewing these products and stimulate the imagination while encouraging new markets for screen printing and digital imaging.

Golden Image JudgesEntries are submitted on the competition website. SGIA Printer Members receive one entry free, additional entries are $35 each. Once entries are submitted, user’s then print the Entry ID that identifies the sample itself and the Entry Specification Card that includes production details about the entry. The entry materials are accompanied by instructions for shipping the entries to the official depository prior to the SGIA Expo. 

Who are the Golden Image Competition Judges and what do they do?

Judges are chosen from SGIA Member companies based on their technical skills, experience and knowledge in the competition categories. Judges often come from companies that have won competition awards in previous years. Judges are unpaid volunteers who donate their time and skills for the benefit of the industry and the competition and have no perfunctory interest in the outcome.

How are entries judged?

The day before the Expo opens, entries are hung and judged based on a specific criteria. A Golden Image entry can earn a maximum of 50 standard points from each judge; plus up to five additional bonus points for a special effect. Therefore, the maximum total per judge is 55 points based on criteria that includes image definition, color appearance, registration, job/manufacturing complexity and special effects.Golden Image Gallery Displays
After all entries are sorted and checked in, and the judging is complete, winners will be identified and a "Winners List" is created and posted in the Golden Image Gallery alongside the entries. When public viewing opens on with the opening of the SGIA Expo, the entries can be recognized for their outstanding accomplishments.

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