Podcasts from the PRINTERVERSE Interviews SGIA President and CEO

Ford Bowers, President and CEO of SGIA, recently sat down with Deborah Corn, host of Podcasts from The Printerverse, to discuss the printing industry and SGIA’s role in its evolution. Close-Up Printing MachineFord and Deborah looked at the state of the industry today, and talked about how suppliers, printers and associations have been impacted by new trends. They discussed how shifts in printing and changing consumer demands are forcing the industry to adapt, and stressed the importance of changing your mindset from traditional methods to best respond to the wants and needs of the market.

The conversation also covers SGIA’s role in the printing industry, and how their slate of conferences is used to influence different markets. In addition to their annual Expo, SGIA added three new conferences this year (THREADX, WFX and FP3) to provide a new array of offerings to specialized printing segments. 

Ford and Deborah also discussed next year’s new show, PRINTING United, which will take the place of the SGIA Expo. Ford explained the the growing need for connectivity in printing, and his desire to bring many different components of the industry under one roof in a single event. PRINTING United will serve that goal, and will help exhibitors and audiences buy in to the changing landscape of the industry. 

Check out the full conversation to learn more about Ford and the growth of SGIA!

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