Packaging: The Next Digital Revolution

Since the early days of digital printing, there has been one “rule of thumb” that rings true: If it can go digital, it will go digital. Digital offers fewer production steps and a surer path toward success. Further, it adds the possibility of managing short runs, full color, versioning and automated workflow.

Printed packaging is the playing field upon which the next digital printing revolution will take place. SGIA has been monitoring new technological developments in the marketplace that make this community attractive. But what is the state of digital adoption, and how do converters view the opportunity?

SGIA partnered with Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends to conduct commissioned research on this segment focused on three key areas: folding carton, flexible packaging and corrugated. 

Sample Digital Printed Cardboard BoxTo provide a top-level overview of the study and its results, SGIA and Bob Leahey of Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends hosted a three-part webinar series, offering insight into the future of digital printing for packaging. 

Leahey spoke of key takeaways from the reports, including the idea that digital is growing as a complement to analog, as it allows converters a wider range of services. He added that more than half of respondents say the number of short-run jobs they are doing for their customers has increased, and digital printing offers the best option for this type of work because its pre-press is electronic.

Digital printing continues to revolutionize the printing industries, providing similar changes along varied timelines. The realities of digital printing — where product and process all come downstream from a malleable, digital file — are driving a new wave of convergence and opportunity. If your company is currently in packaging, or views packaging as a future opportunity, SGIA’s reports and webinars are essential content. 

The webinar archives can be accessed at the following:

Digital Adoption in the Folding Carton Segment

Digital Adoption in the Flexible Packaging Segment

Digital Adoption in the Corrugated Packaging Segment

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