TAGA Sneak Peek


On March 19-22, the TAGA 2017 Annual Technical Conference will take place in Houston, TX. At the event, attendees will learn about the latest industry advances and those of related fields, as well as brainstorm with other experts about solving problems and road blocks in order to move our industry forward. Members come to the Annual Technical Conference from all over the world and from all facets of the graphic arts industry.

Papers accepted and presented at the TAGA 2017 Annual Technical Conference will be published in the TAGA Proceedings. TAGA is recognized worldwide as the most prestigious and comprehensive literature resource for graphic arts sciences and technologies.

On Tuesday, March 21, Anoosheh Oskouian from Ship & Shore Environmental will give his paper presentation, Energy Efficient Approaches to Innovate the Printing Process & Gain the Competitive Edge.

Energy efficiency is one of the most overlooked opportunities in the printing process. With increasing environmental regulations, energy efficiency has become required or the "right" thing to do; studies have also shown it can significantly cut costs. Learn the critical steps to transform existing waste into productivity and profits by identifying sources of emissions, wasted heat, energy and non-value added activities. This will provide valuable insight as to where consumption, loss, defects, inconsistencies, non-value time, activities and overall waste occur. By identifying these areas, process improvements and savings opportunities can begin. Arming printers with the tools to identify process waste allows companies to become proactive players in the flexographic printing game and gain the competitive edge.

By identifying and eliminating the most common areas of waste, flexographic printers can become aware of the competitive opportunities and cost savings slipping through their process and fingers. Additional benefits may include opportunities to take advantage of possible incentive programs, increase credibility, and choose qualified vendors.

To learn more about Oskouian's paper or to hear others, register for the TAGA 2017 Annual Technical Conference at tagaatc.printing.org.