Kodak Employees Honor George Eastman’s Legacy by Establishing New Traditions

Content Provided by Kodak

On George Eastman's birthday, Kodak employees honored the company's founder in one of the most fitting ways--by giving back. He was born on July 12, 1854.

Over 350 employees gathered together on a beautiful summer day in Rochester, New York, to pay tribute to a man who was not only a successful entrepreneur, but a philanthropic leader. His philosophy and approach to charitable giving are recognized almost as frequently as his contributions to photography.

One of Eastman's priorities was academic institutions. He once stated, "The progress of the world depends almost entirely upon education." This commitment was reflected through significant monetary donations to the University of Rochester, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tuskegee University.

Eastman's focus on academics is an area that Kodak continues to champion today through its "Print for Good" initiative. This program has been designed to help support literacy initiatives around the globe--working to empower students through various reading programs and book donations. This year, the Kodak team is expanding its network to include partners in the printing community so that more children can have access to reading materials and school supplies.

Last year, Kodak employees in Rochester held the first annual gathering on George Eastman's birthday. This celebration took place just steps away from Eastman's Memorial at Eastman Business Park, and attendees donated books that were collected for two local literacy programs. Employees continued the tradition again this year by attending a birthday celebration centered around a "stuff the bus" activity where participants contributed books and school supplies for students in the Rochester City School District.

The Kodak and Eastman Business Park community enthusiastically showed their commitment to the local school district, which includes almost 30,000 students and 50 schools. With over 50% of the children in Rochester living in poverty, Kodak was proud to lead an effort to help provide local students with some of the tools they need to begin the upcoming school year.