Could your business use a checkup?

Could your business use a checkup?

Just like your physical health, it's important to keep your business in good health as well.

A Financial Performance Assessment (FPA) from the Center for Print Economics and Management is a way to do just that. Unlike a trip to the doctor, the FPA is painless for you--simply fill out a confidential questionnaire, then our team will get to work behind the scenes, building a report customized for your business.

Your personalized FPA will examine the strengths and weaknesses of your business. See how you stack up to profit-leading firms of similar size and business model. Your FPA will also contain a comprehensive variance analysis, looking at underlying reasons for any performance issues of your business.

This in-depth report also includes a customized action plan. The strategies outlined in the plan are designed to stop losses and increase sales and profits. Following a doctor's recommendation typically leads to improved health. Printers who follow the recommendations in their FPA typically see at least a 1% improvement on their bottom line. What a healthy way to kick off the new year! Should you have any questions about your action plan, the Center for Print Economics and Management is available for three months of consultation as you implement the plan.

Learn more about getting a Financial Performance Assessment and contact us today at economics [at] to get started!