Add Some Sparkle with KODAK Metallic Clear Dry Ink

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Looking for new ways to add value to print?

Add some sparkle with KODAK Metallic Clear Dry Ink, the newest addition to the NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit solution family. With an iridescent fleck that makes print shimmer and shine, this unique ink expands your palette of metallic effects. A transparent material that can be combined with CMYK inks to achieve silver, bronze, copper and countless more effects, Metallic Clear Dry Ink will enhance raster and vector art, text and images.

Metallic Clear Dry Ink can also be used to simulate pearlized stocks, but with the ability to use a much broader selection of substrates than what is typically available as pearlized material. Capable of being used in multiple ways within the same printed piece, Metallic Clear Dry Ink enables highly differentiated applications. Laminate or UV coat to produce super-sparkly results that will catch the reader's eye!

Metallic Clear Dry Ink will enhance raster and vector art, text and images.

No Prepress Required

Applying Metallic Clear Dry Ink is one-click-easy. Just select a Coating Mode option available on the job ticket.

  • Flood Coat: Adjustable uniform layer of metallic on the entire page
  • Image Coat: Adjustable uniform layer of metallic on CMYK content only
  • Uniform Sparkle Flood: Simulates pearlized paper; maintains consistent sparkle level across entire page
  • Uniform Sparkle Image: Variable layer of metallic based on CMYK content; more CMYK = more sparkle
  • Pearlized: Simulates pearlized paper with the sparkle level on image areas toned down

These selections can be added to any job, with different selections for the front and back of the sheet. All it takes is 15 minutes or less to load this unique ink, calibrate the press and start running live jobs!

Good for Your Business and for the Planet

Like all specialty inks for KODAK NEXPRESS and NEXFINITY Presses, Metallic Clear Dry Ink creates prints that are easily recycled. It uses no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so you can produce prints that drive more profit per page and are still safe for our environment.

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