256 Shades of Gray

April 25, 2019

The groundbreaking technology introduced in the KODAK NEXFINITY v12 Digital Press, the most recent addition to Kodak's portfolio of digital sheetfed presses, enables a step-change in print performance. The heart of the platform is a brand new writing system that delivers exceptional quality and consistency over long runs, advancements that are enabled by two fundamental technology innovations: multi-bit LED (light emitting diode) writers and... Read More

Faster Makeready for Faster Profits

April 17, 2019

Everyone knows that SONORA Process Free Plates can save time and money in prepress, but did you   know are ways that SONORA Plates save money in the pressroom? SONORA Plates can significantly reduce start-up times on press, saving not only time but paper, ink, and other makeready costs. Our new SONORA X Plates reach target density over 2 times faster than wet processed plates. Here's how it works. The coating of SONORA X Plates is very... Read More

Premier Print Awards Q&A Interview with Dean Hruby, Vice President of Sales of Henry Wurst Inc.

April 11, 2019

Printing Industries of America's Premier Print Awards program is an international print competition that recognizes exceptional print pieces from around the globe. Companies who enter have the opportunity to submit extraordinary print pieces with the potential to win industry-wide recognition. The 2018 Best of Category winner for Cartons, Containers, Boxes, and Totes was Henry Wurst Inc., who submitted a Starbucks Coffee Company Barista Kit.... Read More

PIA Unveils New Profit Booster Program

April 9, 2019

PIA's Center for Print Economics and Management, the pre-eminent source of accurate, up-to-date analysis on the print economy and management, has announced a new Profit Booster for printers. The Profit Booster provides printers with an easy-to-use, quick and effective financial and operational assessment of their company. The Profit Booster is very affordable, with prices ranging from $999 to $1,999 for PIA member printers (depending on annual... Read More

5 Tips for InterTech™ Technology Awards Hopefuls

April 8, 2019

Printing Industries of America is currently seeking the next wave of print and graphic arts technologies for the 2019 InterTechTM Technology Awards. If your company has a truly innovative technology set to impact the printing industry, here are five tips to help you optimize your entry: 1. Highlight Innovation Relevancy The InterTechTM Technology Awards program focuses on honoring those technologies considered to make a significant advancement... Read More

Imaging Stability: The Foundation for Great Print Quality

Imaging Stability: The Foundation for Great Print Quality

March 29, 2019

Great print quality depends on many things, including your processes, your employees, your printing press, and your paper and ink. But before a job even gets to the pressroom, print quality starts with imaging stability in prepress. "Imaging stability" is defined as reliable and robust imaging of the plate in the CTP device, using technology that: Tolerates and/or automatically corrects for the normal day-to-day variability in a printing... Read More

TAGA Ambassador Q&A with Katlyn Coddington

TAGA Ambassador Q&A with Katlyn Coddington

March 14, 2019

Technical Association of the Graphic Arts Student Ambassador Katlyn Coddington is an Graphic Arts Management student at Ball State University. She enjoys the family-like aspect of TAGA and finds herself immersed in hands-on creation. What school do you attend and what are you currently studying? I attend Ball State University and I am a Graphic Arts Management major with a minor in Business Administration. What makes your major unique? What do... Read More

The Hidden Costs of Plate Processing

March 13, 2019

Kodak's plate specialists have seen it all when it comes to plates, working with our customers to figure out what's going on if their plates aren't performing as expected. One thing they see often are problems that happen as a result of plate processing--and the time and money that's wasted in both prepress and the pressroom dealing with these problems. Plate processing has inherent variability and quality concerns that can affect the plate... Read More

TAGA Ambassador Q&A with Rachel Goldberg

TAGA Ambassador Q&A with Rachel Goldberg

March 12, 2019

Technical Association of the Graphic Arts Student Ambassador Rachel Goldberg is an Industrial Design student at Rochester Institute of Technology. She loves using her hands to build and create. TAGA offers her a change of pace and the ability to learn how to make models, finished products, and 3D renders of objects that she designs or creates. What school do you attend, and what are you currently studying? I am currently studying Industrial... Read More

TAGA Ambassador Q&A with Tristan Thomas

TAGA Ambassador Q&A with Tristan Thomas

March 8, 2019

Technical Association of the Graphic Arts Student Ambassador Tristan Thomas from Appalachian State University takes pride in her double major, Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology and Biology. She enjoys the hands-on aspect of graphic arts and thoroughly enjoys spending time with her TAGA peers and industry professionals. What school do you attend, and what are you currently studying? I go to Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina... Read More

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