Membership in a local affiliate automatically extends your membership to the national association, Printing Industries of America. Affiliate associations are located throughout the United States and Canada. You can use this page to find the affiliate that serves your area.

First, select U.S. or Canada from the "Country" dropdown menu. Once you do so, the "State/Province" dropdown menu will appear. Select your state or province to view all of the affiliates that service that area.

If you do not see your location listed below, contact Printing Industries of America at 800-910-4283.

*Nevada is a national member-at-large territory except: Clark County (includes Las Vegas), which is in the jurisdiction of PIA of Southern California, and Metropolitan Reno, which is in the jurisdiction of Visual Media Alliance (VMA).

Affiliate Country State/Province Phone
Printing Industry Midwest United States Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota (612) 400-6200