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Listing in Alphabetical Order:

Bodnar, John Technology & Research Assistant Education, Training & Technology Dept.
Bowers, Ford Chief Executive Officer Executive Leadership
Buka, Stephanie Government Affairs Coordinator Government & Regulatory Affairs

Cachuela, Christine Vice President Membership Operations
Ferrari, Lindsay Program Administrator Education, Training & Technology Dept.
Gaylor, Carol Production Art Manager Association Art Dept.
Gorski, Jordan Vice President, Global Standards and Certifications Education, Training & Technology
Goycochea, Cecilia Accounting Manager Accounting & Finance Dept.
Griffin, Carla Senior Accounting & Operation Specialist Accounting & Finance
Harrison, Adriane Vice President Human Relations Consulting
Johnson, Mary Meeting Coordinator Executive Assistant to the CEO
Jones, Gary Vice President of Environmental, Health & Safety Affairs Government & Regulatory Affairs Dept.
Kliegl, Amanda Vice President Public Affairs Dept.
Layser, Karen Director of Exhibits Conferences Dept.
Lien, Les Senior Art Director, Association Association Art Dept.
Lyons-Black, Lisbeth Director Women in Print Alliance
Marin, Joe Senior Vice President, Member Services Education, Training & Technology
Martin, James Group President, Association Executive Leadership
McAllister, Casey Vice President Accounting & Finance Dept.
Mills, John IT/IS Support Tech Information Technology Dept.
Moss, Becca Membership Manager Membership Dept.
Nye, Dawn Program Manager Education, Training & Technology
Olisko, Lexy Vice President Expositions Dept.
Osorio, Sara Environmental, Health & Safety Affairs Coordinator Government & Regulatory Affairs Dept.
Packard, Michael Events and Special Projects Manager Event Marketing Dept.
Paparozzi, Andrew Chief Economist Research & Economics Dept.
Pierce, David Office Services Coordinator Mail Center
Randolph, Leon Mail Center Manager Mail Center
Rice, Julia Vice President Brand Marketing
Sausville, Debbie Membership Specialist Membership Dept.
Shea, Samuel LMS Administrator Education, Training & Technology
Tonson, Irene UX Manager Digital Strategy & Operations Dept.
Weiss, Ray Vice President, eLearning and Certifications Education, Training & Technology Dept.
Wieck, Rachel Director, Marketing Operations Association & Printing United Marketing