1:00-1:50 p.m. Automation to Win

Getting started with automation isn't all about choosing the right software or hardware to make it happen. It all begins with a current assessment and getting support from management to instill the discipline and culture needed to make automation successful. Automation touches every phase of your business--and buy-in from key staff is critical. In this session, learn how to assess and analyze the culture and technology of your business, identify changes required, and increase the odds that your automation efforts will deliver the payoff you anticipate!

Speaker: Greg Cholmondeley, President, Cholmonco, Inc.

2:00-2:50 p.m. Automation Roadmap

It can be overwhelming to think about automation in your business since it touches everything from job submission to production to back-office operations to billing. Where should you begin? What can be automated right now to make an immediate impact on your business? What are the tools needed to get started? In this session, learn about the automation opportunities that exist in your business, how and where to get results quickly, and the importance of implementing automation in phases.

Speaker: Chris Heric, Systems Consultant and Architect

3:00-4:20 p.m. Case Studies in Automation

Many organizations have already realized the benefits of automation. They've done the research, gone through the growing pains of getting the buy-in and implementation, and are now gaining all of the efficiencies and financial benefits that automation has to offer. In this moderated session, you'll hear from a panel of three very different companies who have implemented automation in their business. Learn how they did it, the approach they took, and the tools they used to be successful. You'll also gain valuable insight on what can cause automation projects to go astray.

Joe Calagaz, Vice President, Calagaz Printing
Calagaz Printing, located in Mobile AL, dedicates itself to producing the highest quality offset and digital printing, and services both the local and the national market. To serve its client base effectively, Calagaz Printing features online ordering, private storefronts, inventory control and streamlined order and reorder processes along with full offset and digital commercial printing with fulfillment and distribution services.

JohnHenry Ruggeri, Managing Director, SunDance Marketing Solutions
SunDance, located in Orlando, FL, is an innovative print solutions company focused on delivering customprograms, products and services coupled with exceptional customer service. Their full-service, in-house, multi-channel marketing solutions include design, print, mail, large format and more. Sundance prides itself on cultivating true partnerships with their clients by building trust and aligning solutions to achievetheir clients' marketing and branding goals.

Jim Tomblinson, Vice President, Operations, Modern Litho
Modern Litho, with locations in Jefferson City, MO and St. Louis, MO, delivers services ranging from high-performance offset print and distribution for publications and marketing collateral, to production and mailing for variable direct mail and digital print marketing materials. Modern Litho's markets of interest include nonprofits and member-based organizations, healthcare, and others requiring attention to fine detail and deadlines.

Joe Marin
Vice President, Education and Training
Printing Industries of America

Jim Workman
Vice President, Center for Technology and Research
Printing Industries of America

4:30-5:00 p.m. Sponsor Spotlights

Our sponsors are the leaders in applications, software, and solutions for printing industry automation. In this fast-paced session, you'll get a five-minute discussion from each of our sponsors where you'll learn how their products and services can help you be more successful with your automation efforts.

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