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  • The ITL Image Grader provides an easy-to-understand appraisal of press and print quality that can be used by businesses of all sizes. It assesses the acceptability of print system image quality by analyzing pages printed under normal press conditions; extracting and grading image attributes; and combining the grades into color, solids, and line/text attributes and then into an overall grade.

  • The best way to diagnose a printing problem, control color conditions, and optimize press operation is to analyze press performance regularly. Printing Industries of America carries a variety of test forms to help do just that.

  • Every employer in the U.S. needs to verify the identity and employment eligibility of new hires within three days. Employers need to use Form I-9 to complete this task and retain the form separate from the employee's personnel file. On this page you will find updates to Form I-9, "No-Match" employer suggested guidelines for when the government notifies an employer that an employee's name and social security number do not match, state-specific immigration laws, and E-Verify.

  • Printing Industries of America Government Affairs represents the printing and graphic communications industry on any issue that affects business and the bottom line. While most issues fall within the five categories of the Advocacy Agenda, Printing Industries also represents industry concerns in other areas.

  • Standard viewing conditions for evaluating color on proofs and press sheets are critical as the metamerism effect of inks will cause some color to appear differently under different lighting conditions. By using standard viewing conditions color will appear the same when viewed at different locations.

  • The Printing Industries of America RHEM Light Indicator is a small adhesive patch with a unique printed design. It is attached to color proofs, color copy, color reproductions, or press sheets to indicate whether or not they are being viewed under a 5000K (degrees Kelvin) standard light source. Stripes will appear on the patch if a nonstandard light source is used.

  • Please complete the product registration form below for the Quality/Process Control products you have purchased.

  • Color viewing and tolerance standards have been established to ensure colors can be evaluated in a stable environment. Printing Industries of America offers products that verify proper viewing conditions or allow individual users to determine their sensitivity to color differences.

  • Printing Industries of America offers a number of process control targets for proofing, plate-making, and digital printing. These targets are designed to use a minimal amount of space so that they can be included in the outside margins of the plate or proof.

  • With the onset of inkjet technologies into the commercial printing market one of the biggest questions to arise is, how do we define quality of the print.

  • If you are looking for a particular quality or process control product that is not in this catalog or on our website, let us know. As the largest distributor of quality and process control tools, we can find and obtain most publicly distributed products and make them available to you.

  • It is imperative for the press operator to continuously monitor ink densities across the press sheet to verify that the press is printing within prescribed tolerances— “by the numbers,” so to speak.

  • Printing Industries Press strives to give you the most up-to-date and useful industry information. In doing so, Printing Industries Press now features a Book of the Month. Our goal is to showcase a publication or title each month that will give you all the industry information you need to continue to be more successful.

  • PIFE is a network of professionals who hold positions in finance and administration at Printing Industries of America-member printing companies.

  • Mark your calendars for GRAPH EXPO 14, September 28-October 1, 2014, at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

  • FedEx Delivers Value, Reliability and Proven Performance As you know, there are many things affecting the shipping industry right now, from published reports about DHL’s reduced capabilities to overall economic challenges.

  • Active and past student chapter members of the TAGA association. Want to start a student chapter? Click here to find out how.

  • Established in 1987 and renamed in 1991 in honor or Dr. Harvey Levenson who founded the TAGA Student Chapter program (in 1985), the Harvey Levenson Undergraduate Student Paper Award is presented to the undergraduate student author of the best student research paper.