InfoTrends: Ultimate Online Buyers Guide For Hardware and Software Purchases

Let InfoTrends do the leg work in comparing your purchasing options!

The analysts from InfoTrends, a worldwide market research firm for digital imaging and document solutions, present side-by-side comparisons of hardware and software solutions in real time. Get the most up-to-date information to make purchasing decisions. Leave the research to the experts.

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What Can the Ultimate Guides Offer You?

The Ultimate Guide offers side-by-side comparisons of applications. A filtering option allows users to select and view products by attributes. Product screen grab (right) shows a filtered list of Web-to-print solutions that offer client reporting features.

Access the Ultimate Guides Now

Check it out—you have nothing to lose. Available Ultimate Guides:

  • Multi-Channel Communications provides a third-party evaluation of software that facilitates marketing campaigns across multiple mediums, including print, Web, and mobile.
  • TransPromo provides a third-party evaluation of software that facilitates the combination of marketing messages and transaction documents.
  • Variable Data provides a third-party evaluation of software that enables the design, creation, and production of personalized documents.
  • Web-to-Print provides a third-party evaluation of browser-based software that facilitates commerce, collaboration, and/or customer service interaction between those who buy and those who sell print.
  • Cut-Sheet Production Digital Devices provides a third-party evaluation of more than 160 black & white and color cut-sheet production digital devices.

Ultimate Guides Coming Soon:

  • Production-class cut-sheet printing devices
  • Roll-fed printing devices
  • Large-format digital devices

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Published on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 (updated 05/29/2014)