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New Soft Proofing Benefit for Members

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Printing Industries of America has partnered with Remote Director to provide a virtual proofing solution for member companies to use at no additional cost. This service provides each company that signs up access to one project folder for their company. Members can add files, invite clients and staff, and use the robust capabilities of Remote Director, including annotation and approvals of color accurate soft proofs.

Getting Started

To get started send your name, your company email and company name to  You will receive two emails from the Remote Director Administrator. These emails are automated so if you don't receive them, please look in your Spam/Junk folder. The first will direct you to login and setup your account and password. The second email will contain a link to your company project folder. Please open the link with Safari or Firefox on Macintosh or Internet Explorer or Firefox on PC (see link in Resource section below for technical specifications). You also have access to the Quick Start  Guide, a step-by-step guide that explains how to access your project folder, view the demo proof, and add your own files to share with clients.

Using Remote Director

Remote Director uses native browser plugins to deliver their award winning color management to your desktop. When you first open a proof you will be required to download an “ICS viewer plugin” for your browser.  A second “ICS calibration plugin” is required to calibrate the display. These plugins are only required to be installed once per software version.

The home page of Remote Director provides you access to “Manage Account” and  “View Projects” buttons. The “Create Project” button will be grayed out unless you wish to upgrade to this functionality. Manage Account allows you to setup your personal computer or workstation preferences. The View Project button takes you to the projects page where your company project folder resides. The blue info button shows the settings used for creating your company project. You can reset these as necessary. The brown person icon allows you to invite any email address to view the project. New users are assigned a role when invited for the first time.

If you open the disclosure arrow to the right of the project it will show you the thumbnail of the sample image we placed in your company project. Additional images can be added to share by selecting the green “+”  button at the bottom of the list when the disclosure arrow is open. The red “-“ button allows you to delete files from the project, including the sample image.

Resources and contact information

Quick Start Guide

Visit the Remote Director YouTube channel at

You can also reach Remote Director support staff at

If you want to upgrade to a system that gives you access to multiple project folders (the ability to use Remote Director for many of your customers), please contact and mention your PIA membership status to receive added benefits.


Published on Monday, April 20, 2015 (updated 01/29/2016)

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