Printing Industries of America Ratios

The 2014 Ratios Survey is open and accepting participants until July 31, 2014. Participate in the Ratios survey today and receive a free copy of "Inside the Printing Plant: Special Report on Print Manufacturing."

This annual financial benchmarking study is a core member benefit. For more than 90 years, the Ratios program has been the leading financial benchmarking tool for the printing industry—and members overwhelmingly agree. Participants rated the 2013 Printing Industries of America Ratios an 8 out of 10, making it one of Printing Industries of America’s most valuable resources. Each year 15 volumes are developed from a survey of more than 400 printing firms. Only participating members receive the results for free!

Why should you participate?

All members should take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the Ratios. By participating you will gain access to financial and productivity benchmarks that can help your company become more efficient, productive, confident, focused, and profitable.

Participate and receive your free report. If you are not a member of Printing Industries of America you can also participate in the survey but must become a member today to receive the results for free!

How can you participate in the Ratios?

Choose the option that is most convenient for you. There are four ways to participate: survey PDF, spreadsheet, online, or having Margolis Partners complete it for you.

  1. 2014 Survey Booklet
    Complete by downloading a PDF of the survey. Right click the link above, select “Save Target As,” then select the destination on your PC. Mail or fax the results to Margolis Partners.

  2. Survey Spreadsheet
    Complete the survey using Excel. Click on the link above, save the Excel file in the .zip folder on your computer, and email the completed file to

  3. Online Form
    This online form makes participating in the 2014 Ratios Survey easier than ever. If you participated online before or you forgot your username or password click here to access the form. If this is your first time participating online click here to create an account.

  4. Have Margolis Partners Complete the Survey for You
    ($150 fee applies) Download the PDF file. Right-click the link, select "Save Target As," then select the destination on your PC. Complete your company background information and order form (pages 6, 7, and 16) and mail along with your company's fiscal-year financial statements and year-end General Ledger Trial Balance to Margolis Partners LLC. 

Published on Sunday, February 23, 2014 (updated 07/15/2014)

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