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The printing process is more complex than ever before. Customers are demanding higher and more consistent quality print jobs, leaving less room for variations and defects—once accepted as part of the printing process. Printing, while still an art form, has evolved into a science in order to meet the need for print consistency. Specifications, measurements, and controls are critical in every department of a plant to ensure predictable, reliable printing and a quality finished product.

Quality and process control products are the tools to facilitate the superior and consistent results you expect and that your customers demand, both through each pressrun and from job to job. The Printing Industries of America quality and process control products (formerly GATF) are used by thousands of customers the world over and serve as invaluable tools for identifying problems and finding solutions in the pressroom, platemaking, and proofing departments.

When the printing process is controlled, the resulting printed pieces are consistent and better in terms of productivity, quality, and cost. In addition, using quality and process control products help to build customer confidence and satisfaction, increased credibility, and, in turn, repeat customers. 

The Printing Industries of America Quality and Process Control Product Line has been divided into five categories:

Quality Control Devices include light indicators, color vision testing products, color correction products for photographers, color tolerance tests, and images to check color consistency.

Process Control Targets include control wedges for imagesetters and platesetters, proof control devices and scales, and digital PostScript control targets.

Color Control Bars include single and dual-tiered color bars in multiple lengths that contain neutral-gray patches, solids, tints, total area coverage patches, RGB overprint patches and Star Targets.

Test Forms include measurement forms for sheetfed, web, and digital printing as well as diagnostic forms in sizes from 8.5”x11” to large format.

Custom Products include special “made to order” color bars, test forms, targets, or film-based products with your company’s logo.

Published on Friday, February 10, 2006 (updated 08/02/2016)

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