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This listserv is a forum for member companies that have received letters from patent owners alleging infringement and/or had legal complaints filed against them by patent owners. Unfortunately, “patent trolls” are a growing menace to the printing industry. Currently there are a number of trolls asserting patent rights against printers. [A troll is a company that purchases patents for the sole purpose of intimidating firms into paying for a license, quite different from patent owners that use their patents.] 

The way a listserv works is you will receive an email whenever another listserv member sends a question or comment on the topic. Here are some of the ways you can use this listserv:

  • Find out if other companies have been approached by the same patent troll
  • Share the content of demand letters and associated licensing fees
  • Ask for advice on how other companies have responded to a patent troll
  • Share and solicit defense strategies
  • Seek printers interested in forming joint defense group

If you feel uncomfortable asking a question directly, click here and the question will be posted anonymously.

To join the listserv, send an email to The subject line should read: Subscribe Do not include any text in the message body. You may receive a return email indicating that you have subscribed. In either case, you can then email Listserv participants by sending your email to

To unsubscribe send an email to with the subject line containing the following message : Unsubscribe

This is an open listserv that allows all members to send emails directly to the listserv participants, without any moderation taking place by the staff. This allows fast and effective communication between all members. Please respect the other members of the listserv and do not abuse the listserv for subject matter other than for which it was intended. If this happens, people will be removed from the listserv or each message will have to be approved by an administrator. If you have any questions please contact the Technology & Research department by clicking here or at 412-259-1710.

Click here for more information on patent infringement actions in the printing industry.

Published on Friday, January 31, 2014 (updated 06/03/2016)

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