Standards and Specifications

The Center for Technology and Research at Printing Industries of America is heavily involved in the creation, development and implementation of standards and industry specifications that affect the graphic communications industries. They represent the interests of more than 10,000 member companies in ensuring that these meet the industry needs. Below is a listing of some of the standards bodies that they participate in.

    The goal of CGATS is to have the entire scope of printing, publishing and converting technologies represented in one national standardization and coordination effort, while respecting the established activities of existing accredited standards committees and industry standards developers. CGATS received ANSI accreditation in 1989. CGATS writes standards only where the need exists and no other committee is undertaking the writing.
  • The Ghent PDF Workgroup
    Also known as the GWG, The Ghent PDF Workgroup is an international organization made up of graphic arts users, associations & developers building best practices for publishing workflows. The resulting recommendations and specifications are making it easy for increasing numbers of professionals around the world to successfully create, process, and exchange graphic arts files for numerous applications.
  • ISO TC130
    The ISO scope includes the Standardization of terminology, test methods and specifications in the field of printing and graphic technology from the original provided to finished products. The includes in particular Composition ,reproduction, printing processes, finishing (for example binding) , suitability of inks, substrates and other materials used in graphic technology. Note: Printing is defined here as a process of reproduction involving the transfer of a medium either colored or not (ink, etc.) to a substrate, using a relief, planographic, intaglio, stencil or other image element.

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Published on Monday, November 29, 2010 (updated 05/29/2014)

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