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Printing Industries Press strives to give you the most up-to-date and useful industry information. In doing so, Printing Industries Press now features a Book of the Month. Our goal is to showcase a publication or title each month that will give you all the industry information you need to continue to be more successful.

Each month, we will feature a new title that is geared toward a different area in the industry. Be sure to stay current with the Book of the Month to learn more about the featured title and the discount that is provided throughout the month as well.

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The Printing Industries Press Mobile App!

In a strategic partnership with mobile app developer YUDU Media, Printing Industries Press is pleased to provide the graphic arts industry with a new way to connect to its library of resources, the Printing Industries Press Mobile App.

The mobile application, available free for both Apple and Android electronic devices, brings students and professionals a complementary way to obtain and interact with industry resources. Its features include: 

  • Mobile library: Browse our bookstore and download titles directly to your mobile device.
  • Enhanced interactivity: Engage with content—Notes, highlighting, and voice recording.
  • Free content: Access value-added resources, including Seven-Minute Solutions, MicroLessons, and more.
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The mobile application offers one-touch access to the library’s most popular titles with more to come. For questions or more information, contact Joe Deemer, Manager, Technical Information and Printing Industries Press at




April 2015 Book of the Month

The Printing Sales DNA Project (PDF) 

The Printing Sales DNA Project is a research study to determine what skills, attitudes, and personality traits are most important to printing salespeople. The study was conducted during the 1st Quarter of 2015 by industry consultant Dave Fellman. Respondents were asked to rate 20 “success factors” ranging from sociability to hunter skills and attitude. More than 500 responses were received from owners and salespeople at a wide range of printing companies, and the report segments the data by job responsibilities (owner vs. employee), type of printing company, age, and experience range. It also includes comparisons to a group of known high performers, and Fellman’s own “expert opinion” on what it takes to be successful in printing sales.

February 2015  Book of the Month

Printing Industries Press MicroLessons

MicroLessons provide practical, applicable lessons on key technology, business, and marketing trends. This is a downloadable file and not a print product. You will have immediate access to the download on the final screen of the order process. Downloadable products are not returnable.

January 2015 Book of the Month

JDF Workflow

Authors:  Thomas Hoffmann-Walbeck and Sebastian Riegel


November/December 2014 Book of the Month

Lean Printing: Pathway to Success
Authors: Kevin Cooper, Malcolm G. Keif, and Kenneth L. Macro Jr.

Lean Printing: Cultural Imperatives for Success

Author: Kevin Cooper

September/October 2014 Book of the Month

For more on this topic, check out Jump Start Continuous Improvement in Your Printing Operation.

Color Management Handbook: A Practical Guide 

Authors: Dr. Richard M. Adams II, Dr. Abhay Sharma, and Joseph J. Suffoletto

For more on this topic, check out the Seven-Minute Solutions white paper, The 4 Cs of Color Management.

July/August 2014 Book of the month

The Power of digital workflow (advance orders)

For more on this topic, check out the Seven-Minute Solutions or read the Q&A with author Nancy Nahin Wallan and michel J. vanlancker.

June 2014 Book of the month

Direct Mail Pal with 2014 Rate Charts

Authors: T.J. Tedesco and Charley Howard

For more on this topic, read the Seven-Minute Solutions

April/May 2014 Book of the Month

Value Management: How to Do More with Less

Author: Richard Sievert, Jr., Ph.D.

For more on this topic, read the Q&A with Author Richard Sievert, Jr., Ph.D.

2013 Previously Featured Books

October/November 2013 Book of the Month

The New PrintScape: A Crash Course in Graphic Communications

Author: Daniel G. Wilson

For more on this topic, read the post at our blog Quality Management...for Education?

 August/September 2013 Book of the Month

Work Right, Live Right

Authors: Robert C. Tapella and T.J. Tedesco

For more on this topic, check out the Seven-Minute Solutions: The Importance of Transparency and Accountability.


June/July 2013 Book of the Month

Color Printing Excellence

Author: Gary G. Field

For more on this topic, read the Q&A with Author Gary G. Field or Seven-Minute Solution.


April/May 2013 Books of the Month

HR Recruiting Templates: For Finding Qualified Employees in the Graphic Communications Industry

Author: Printing Industries of America Human Relations Department

Sales Compensation Plans: Samples from the Industry, 2013 Edition

Author: Printing Industries of America Human Relations Department


February/March 2013 Book of the Month

The Future of Print Sales: The Renewal of Print Manufacturing through New Product Development

Author Ken Macro

For more on this topic, read the Q&A session with Ken Macro, or check out the Seven Minute Solutions White Paper for more on the process of new product development.

2012 Previously Featured Books


October/November 2012

The Value of Print Flip-Book

Learn more about the value of print by visiting or the Value of Print on YouTube.


August/September 2012

JDF Workflow: A Guide to Automation in the Graphic Communications Industry

Authors: Thomas Hoffmann-Walbeck and Sebastian Riegel

Click here to read a Q&A session with CIP4’s Executive Director, James Harvey, about the state of automation in the printing industry, important aspects JDF Workflow: A Guide to Automation in the Graphic Communications Industry, and its relevance to today’s printers.


June/July 2012

Inkjet! Second Edition: Everything You Need to Know about Inkjet History, Technology, Markets, and Products

Author: Frank J. Romano

Click here to read our Q&A with the author, Frank Romano, or view the Seven-Minute Solutions: Understanding Manufacturer Speed Ratings for Inkjet Presses.


April/May 2012

Direct Mail Pal 2012: A Direct Mail Production Handbook

Authors: T.J. Tedesco and Charley Howard


February/March 2012

2011 Sheetfed Productivity Benchmarks (PDF)

Compiled by Printing Industries of America Economic and Market Research Department.

Data for this title was collected in 2011 and just posted in January 2012! Click here to read what Ed Gleeson has to say about putting this information to use.

2011 Previously Featured Books


January/February 2011

Social Media Field Guide: A Resource for Graphic Communicators

Authors: Julie Shaffer and Mary Garnett


March/April 2011

Competing for Print’s Thriving Future: Understanding and Taking Advantage of Emerging Economic and Industry Forces

Author: Ronnie H. Davis, Ph.D.

Read our Q & A with Ronnie Davis in which he shares some insights, highlights, and background information on the analysis and features within his new book.


May/June 2011

Adding Value to Print: A Survey of Novel Products, Finishing Techniques, and Materials Options

Author: Manfred Breede

Learn more about this title by reading our interview with author Manfred Breede.


July/August 2011

The Basics of Print Production, 2nd Edition

Author: Mary Hardesty Kuhn


September/October 2011

Sustainability Studies in Print: Five Printers Discuss Their Journeys to SGP Certification

Author: Joe Deemer

Check out our interview with Joe Deemer where he provides additional details about Sustainability Studies in Print

Related Title: Seven-Minute Solutions: How to Get the Most Value from an Energy Audit


November/Decmeber 2011

Setup Reduction for Printers: A Practical Guide for Reducing Makeready Time in Print Manufacturing

Author: Malcolm G. Keif and Kevin Cooper.

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