About the Web Offset Society


Web Offset Society
Charter Date: September 28, 1994

Objectives of the Web Offset Society

  1. To promote and perpetuate the acquaintance and friendship developed through service in the Web Offset printing industry.
  2. To provide a group of interested and experienced members who will be in a position to offer suggestions for the development and expansion of the Web Offset Association.
  3. To foster the interchange of ideas, to advance the knowledge of web offset printing and to encourage the developments of a better understanding of the relations of web offset printers with one another as well as with our business and the business life of the community and the nation.
  4. To hold one or more informal meetings during the year which will provide opportunity for members of the Society to renew and extend their associations with fellow members.
  5. To recognize and honor individuals that have significantly contributed to the development and progress of the Web Offset Printing Industry through the programs and activities of the Web Offset Association.

Charter Membership

The Charter Members of the Society shall be the current President and all living former Presidents of the Web Offset Association and former Chairmen of the Supplier Advisory Board.  It will be the responsibility of the Charter Members to implement this Charter and elect qualified members of the Society.

Society Membership Requirements

Membership in the Society shall be limited to individuals that subscribe to the objectives of the Society and have so demonstrated this support thought definable actions and accomplishments.  Membership in the Society will be by majority vote of the Society’s membership as indicated by a written and mailed ballot.  Candidates to stand for election to the Society shall be nominated by the members of the Society.  Each nomination shall be submitted to the Chairman of the Society and shall be accompanied by a brief statement describing how the individual has demonstrated, though activities and achievements, his/her support of the objectives of the Society.  Prior to being placed on the ballot, nominated and seconded candidates shall indicate their support of the objectives of the Society and indicate intent to actively support the Society and the objectives of the Web Offset Association.

Published on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 (updated 05/29/2014)