Robert F. Reed Technology Medal Nomination Procedures

How to Nominate a Candidate

Please provide the following materials when submitting a nomination for the Reed Medal:

  1. Resume (or similar documentation) that supplies the candidate’s complete education and work experience
    This document should cover the following where possible:
    ♦ Summary of candidates career (one paragraph)
    ♦ Employment history
    ♦ Academic qualifications
    ♦ Awards conferred on the candidate
    ♦ Membership of societies, associations, and committees. This should also include roles held with these.
    ♦ Patents, publications and journals overview (see details below)
  2. Detailed descriptions of the candidate’s major contributions and/or significant accomplishments (may be combined with resume).
    With the body of work that many nominees have, it is beneficial to select three to six of their major achievements to highlight for the judges. As a guide, a paragraph should be used to describe of each of the major achievements. This should include the impact of these on the industry and the nominee’s involvement in the achievement. When this is part of a team, the individual accomplishments of the nominee should be highlighted.
  3. Comprehensive list of the candidate’s patents, books, journal articles, and other publications. Please provide the title, date, and other publishing information. This information needs to be as complete as possible.
    The list of the candidate’s achievements should be separated into sections for each of the different areas addressed. If the work is peer reviewed, this should also be indicated where possible.
  4. Contact information for nominee.
    This should include postal, telephone, mobile, and email.
  5. Contact information for person submitting the nomination.
    This should include postal, telephone, mobile, and email.

Letters of support for the candidate are optional but welcomed.

Submit all required and supplemental materials to:

Kayleigh Smith
Printing Industries of America
301 Brush Creek Road
Warrendale, PA 15086

Email: kmsith (at)
Fax: 412-749-9890

All nomination material must be received by October 31, 2016.

If you have any questions, contact Kayleigh Smith at 412-259-1713 or ksmith (at)

Published on Friday, May 15, 2009 (updated 10/13/2016)