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Training Curriculums and Teaching Packages

The printing industry continues to face many challenges, including:

  • Increased competition,
  • Rapid advances in technology
  • Staff that is often diverse in background and knowledge

The need for organized, structured, consistent training is critical, yet time for preparation and classes is at a premium.

Printing Industries of America offers full-scale courses covering both knowledge (concepts) and operations (operating procedures). These comprehensive courses include:

Printing Industries of America also offers shorter, fast-paced, quick studies in:

These can be completed in as little as one sitting and are ideal for students or customer education programs.

The Printing Industries of America Curriculum Programs are designed for training and re-training staff quickly and effectively in the convenience of your own facility. Their organized and timely content brings credibility and convenience to your classroom.

All of the program packages contain the elements needed to prepare, organize, and present training in a traditional classroom or in a workplace setting. Broken into tasks and modules, the curriculums provide a turnkey solution to your training needs: lesson plans, training tips, worksheets, quizzes, notes, and a CD-ROM—everything an instructor needs to conduct the course effectively.

Curriculum Features and Benefits

Ready-to-use. Open the manuals and you’re ready to go. Everything needed for a training course is there—lesson notes, hands-on activities, SOP checklists, review questions, movie clips, job aids, and more.

Organized. Content is conveniently organized in a modular fashion for easier teaching and learning.

Customizable. Templates are provided on the CD-ROM for all SOP checklists so they can be customized to a facility’s own equipment and procedures.

Save time. Materials are ready-to-go. Trainers don’t have to start from scratch to create content, organize lessons, make worksheets, or find visuals. It’s all done for them!

Increase knowledge. New hires get a strong foundation of essential principles and operating procedures to apply immediately in their daily activities.

Optimize productivity. Greater knowledge and understanding of equipment and processes leads to faster job turnover, fewer reworks, and less machine downtime.

Enhance communication. Greater knowledge and understanding leads to better communication within and between other departments, leading to more questions, clearer answers, and fewer problems.

Improve morale and retention. Trainees get a greater sense of self-worth and an appreciation for the value of their job to the whole operation.

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Published on Thursday, February 28, 2013 (updated 05/29/2014)

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