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A large portion of the content released by the Printing Industries of America's Center for Print Economics and Management Department originates from surveys that we conduct on a regular basis. This information is vital to the printing industry as a whole and Printing Industries of America members in particular. Members use this information to develop, guide, and benchmark their operations.

Members that participate gain access to valuable market information you cannot get anywhere else. As an example, consider the following surveys and the rewards provided to participating firms.

Have questions for the Center for Print Economics and Management? Contact Ron Davis, Printing Industries of America Chief Economist, at, or Tai McNaughton, Economist, at You can also reach the department by phone at 412-741-6860 ext. 756 or toll-free at 800-910-4283 ext. 756.

Published on Thursday, October 27, 2005 (updated 03/29/2016)

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