Supervisor of Mailing

Job Summary:             Supervises the Mailing Department
Reports To:                  Manager of Finishing Department
Lean Expectations (Each employment anniversary year):
    A.         Participate in at least one Lean event or serve as an auditor, Guiding Coalition Member or on the safety committee;
                B.         Implement at least one improvement idea; and
                C.         Participate in at least one educational experience such as job shadowing, cross-training, webinar, seminar, Lean networking tour, etc.
Production Responsibilities:
A.         Specific Responsibilities:
1.              Coordinate the scheduling for mailing, inserting and list processing departments
2.              Provide liaison with CSR department and customers
3.              Provide data to Estimating and Sales reps with relation to mailing costs and run spreads and postal regulations
4.              Establish working relationship with USPS
5.              Monitor postal accounts
B.        General Responsibilities for All RP Supervisors
1.         Guarantees production through effective delegation of duties
2.         Plans work of the department, distributes it to the appropriate employees and explains special procedures or conditions
3.         Achieves production according to schedule
4.         Develops production standards for quality control
5.         Develops work procedures to achieve most efficient production
6.         Maintains good relations with other departments and customers; cooperates with other supervisors.
Administrative Responsibilities:
A.         Specific Responsibilities:
1.         Possess a working knowledge of the DMM and stay abreast of and implement changes as necessary.
2.         Develop and implement mailing dept. SOP’s as necessary
3.         Conduct research as needed with relation to mailing regulations and cost (providing reports and training to appropriate personnel).
B.         General Responsibilities of All RCP Supervisors
1.         Attends meetings
2.         Assures that equipment is maintained at top efficiency; guarantees that spare parts are available as needed
3.         Preserves important production, business and personnel records
4.         Provides regular reports to management on costs, operations and morale
Management of Personnel Responsibilities:
A.         General responsibilities of All RP Supervisors:
1.         Coordinates scheduling and work assignments in the department.
2.         Guarantees accurate time reporting.
3.         Follows and enforces all required safety procedures such as: PPE's, Ergonomics, Chemical Hazards, etc. Performs job in a manner that protects the health and safety of all employees. 
4.         Communicates management policy to employees; communicates employees  desires and needs to management.
5.         Coordinates the scheduling of vacations in department.
6.          Training:
a.    Trains employees in the skills required to perform advanced job procedures
b.    Trains qualified employees to become a replacement for themselves
c.     Develops training manuals and performance expectations for both new and veteran personnel.
7.          Recommends promotions, raises and incentives.
8.          Motivates employees to perform their jobs well; takes disciplinary action where warranted.
9.            Recommends hiring or firing employees in the department.
10.          Evaluates employees in the department.
Other Responsibilities:
A.         Primary person in charge of:
1.         Liaison with Postmaster
2.         Mailing changes and subsequent training
3.         Work assignments for RP Mailing Specialist
B.         General responsibilities of All RP Supervisors:
1.         Develops training manuals and performance expectations for both new and veteran personnel
2.         Guarantees accurate reporting of consumption of materials
3.         Controls costs by overseeing purchasing of supplies for planning a job
4.         Assists Estimators, when requested, in estimating costs or planning a job
5.         Sets a good example for all employees in the department
6.         Meets all expectations as outlined in RP Expectations of managers/supervisors.
7.         Performs other such duties as directed.
Job Qualifications:
A.         Excellent communication skills
B.         Well organized
C.         Effective leadership skills
D.         Experience and knowledge of mailing procedures

Published on Wednesday, July 30, 2008 (updated 05/28/2014)

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