Mailing Jogger

Job Summary:             The mailing jogger correctly prepares the customers product to be sent through the postal service


Reports To:                  Mailing Supervisor


Lean Expectations (Each employment anniversary year):

            A.         Participate in at least one Lean event or serve as an auditor, Guiding Coalition

                        Member or on the safety committee; and

            B.         Implement at least one improvement idea; and

            C.         Participate in at least one educational experience such as job shadowing, cross-                                        training, webinar, seminar, Lean networking tour, etc.


Production Responsibilities:

            A.         Level One:

                        1.         Feed and tie pieces from mailing machine.  Requires lifting 10-15 lb. bundles and some bending and reaching.

                        2.         Move skids as required in and out of area with hand jack.  Keep skids elevated/lowered to appropriate ergonomic work level.

            B.         Level Two:

                        1.         Zip sort, label bags and bag product for mailing more than 50% of the time per Covalent.  The bags average 40 lbs., but may weigh up to 70 lbs.  Requires lifting, bending, and reaching.

                        2.         Fill out mailing slips for each zip code and check off mailing lists to insure that no routes are missed

            C.         Work in other departments as necessary

            D.         Follows all required safety procedures such as: PPE's, Ergonomics, Chemical Hazards, etc.  Performs job in a manner that protects the health and safety of all employees.


Administrative Responsibilities:                       None


Management of Personnel Responsibilities:    None


Other Responsibilities: As directed


Job Qualifications:

            A.         Must have the ability to lift between floor and shoulder heights

            B.         Accurate with numbers

            C.         Hand and eye coordination

            D.         For level two - completed at least six months at the top of the jogger level one scale,  unless special consideration recommended by supervisor

Published on Tuesday, July 29, 2008 (updated 05/28/2014)

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