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Today, continued technological investment based on customer-focused marketing strategies is now the rule rather than the exception. But technology is only part of the printing service equation. Training, organizational development, strategic planning, marketing, and finance must be fully integrated with any new technology, process change, or plant expansion.

Since a problem in one area often affects performance in another, Printing Industries of America multi-disciplinary team brings together experts in all of the areas critical to successfully managing a printing business:

State of the Business assessment provides printing companies a comprehensive assessment of their overall business practices.  The objective is to identify opportunities for improving profitability, customer retention and to effectively compete in the marketplace.  The assessment is designed to benchmark current processes against “best-in-class” practices and processes in the Print Industry.

Business management–From developing strategic business plans and reorganizations to implementing TQM/TPM as well as personnel recruitment, training, cross-training, and redeployment.

Financial management–From identifying ways to maximize profit while minimizing tax impact to business evaluations, turnarounds, and succession planning.

Sales management–From customer and competitor profiling to sales training for supporting new business acquisition, client retention, and other marketing initiatives and communication programs.

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Published on Tuesday, January 3, 2006 (updated 05/28/2014)

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