Press Assistant (Web)

Position Summary
Responsible for helping with the productive operation of Web Offset press so that printed products will be delivered as specified and as scheduled.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Assist the Pressmen in the set-up, make-ready, operation and maintenance of the web or sheet fed offsetpress.
  • Set-up and - operate the roll stand or feed section by making sure the kind of paper, basis weight, and paper size are the same as the job specifications.
  • Prepare the web press and roll performance record, being sure that all pertinent information is included. Remove roll wrap with proper tool, install the shaft in roll core and measure paper as instructed to achieve correct position.
  • Inspect roll for damage and strip minimum waste from the roll.
  • Inform Pressman of paper defects, identify cause of web break, and prepare sample for paper problem jacket.
  • Properly identify paper being returned to inventory.
  • Set up stacker and assist in operation when necessary. Assist in make-ready by cleaning bearers, washing blankets, inspecting blankets for worn and damaged areas.
  • Assist in webbing up the press.
  • Set up web break detectors, and web aligners
  • Locate, inspect, bend and pack plates, identify each plate as to unit it goes on.
  • Pack and install plates and blankets.
  • Pre-set ink fountain and get color OK by working with customer and supervisor and color proofs.
  • Maintain fountain solution tank including the flow of water, pH of fountain solution conductivity, and temperature twice a day. Inform Pressman if not within tolerance.
  • Maintain ink level in fountain making sure ink is not contaminated. Keep correct ink records.
  • Check quality of printing by checking the ink and water balance, register, compensation, color against color OK, low blankets, cracked plates, piling, trim and bleeds, streaks, hickies, picking, doubling, and backbone cracking. Advise pressman of any of the above conditions.
  • Wash up press by removing paper from press units and in feed, cleaning wash­up blade and pan after press has stopped, and removing ink and cleaning empty fountains.
  • Check proper opening and closing of fountains.
  • Assist in the maintenance of the press by greasing press, maintaining oil levels on each unit, checking operations of mist lubrication system, cleaning air bars and sensors, and checking water unions on chill rollers and hikers for leaks.
  • Assist in checking and setting inker and dampening rollers.
  • Observe all safety regulations in the plant.
Skills, Abilities, Working Conditions
  • Stand, walk approximately 95%of the time. (Safety shoes required. Company participates in cost).
  • Manufacturing environment. Exposure to high noise levels while press is running (hearing protection is provided.)
  • Must use solvents when cleaning up press (glove protection is provided-used only while press is idling.)
  • Must be able to bend and squat in press units.
  • Able to lift 100-115 lbs. (Back brace provided upon request.)
  • Able to read Job Jackets and instructions.
  • Able to read and interpret a ruler.
  • Able to take instructions from Pressmen and work with press crew.
Reporting Relationships
  • Reports to Head Pressman.
  • Internal contacts include: Pressmen, Pressroom Superintendent, Press Supervisor, Warehousemen, and Ink Technician.

Published on Thursday, July 31, 2008 (updated 05/27/2014)

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