EEO, ADA & OFCCP Related

Equal Employment Opportunity is an area printers must still be mindful of in the context of the employment relationship.  For example, as the country's work force ages, we could expect to see more age-discrimination claims.  However, managing a work force among the various federal and state EEO laws and regulations can still be accomplished with the proper attention to new laws and court cases.  In the future, key EEO areas for printers include:  disability, age, gender, and national origin.  Depending on the state, sexual orientation will be a key area as well. 

EEOC Guidance on Leave and Americans with Disabilities Act (May 2016)

EEOC Issues Final Rules on Wellness Incentive Plans (May 2016)

EEOC is the Law poster fine rises from $210 to $525 (May 2016)

EEOC Fact Sheet: Bathroom Access Rights for Transgender Employees Under Title VII (May 2016)
EEOC's Religious Garb and Grooming in the Workplace: Rights and Responsibilities (March 2014)

EEOC/FTC Guidance for Employers and Applicants/Employees on Background Checks (March 2014)

EEOC increases maximum penalty for failure to post notice to $210 (March 2014)

EEOC Guidance on Reasonable Accommodation and Undue Hardship Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (2002)

FMLA Forms, GINA Doctor Notice, Release to Talk to Doctor


Published on Tuesday, December 27, 2005 (updated 06/20/2016)

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