Vice President of Operations

Job Title:                     Vice President of Operations
Reports To:                 President/CEO

Purpose of Position: Coordinate and direct all production operations of the Company.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all actions taken support the Company’s short-term or long-term profitability.
  • Participate in setting the strategic direction and goals of the Company as a member of the Planning Group (PG) under the direction of the President/CEO.
  • Participate in coordinating and directing the day-to-day operations of the Company as a member of the Management Committee (MC) under the direction of the President/CEO.
  • Plan, coordinate and manage all functions of the Production and Support Services Department.
  • Achieve the management/fiscal objectives set for the Production and Support Services Department.
  • Set policies and maintain policy files for the Production and Support Services Department.
  • Plan for and execute the Company’s quality objectives in coordination with the Director, Quality & Education.
  • Track, record and report key indicators of departmental performance to management.
  • Ensure the motivation, management, evaluation, discipline and succession planning for all department employees in coordination with the Human Resources Manager.
  • Ensure the education and training of all department employees in coordination with the Director, Quality and Education.
  • Conduct inter-departmental coordination and cooperation with other managers to meet the Company’s operational needs.
  • Represent the Company to its customers as a continuous source of information and resources.
  • Represent the company in business, professional and community settings.
  • Direct and coordinate the efforts of all production Manager.
  • Ensure the availability, maintenance and maximum productive use of the Company’s revenue-producing equipment.
  • Ensure the availability, maintenance and maximum productive use of the Company’s facilities.
  • Continuously improve the production control process, to include job tickets, through standardization, simplification and technological advancement.
  • Achieve and maintain ISO 9002 certification and other quality initiatives, in coordination with the Director of Quality.
  • Ensure that the Company’s participatory management philosophy is implemented in the plant in a fair and effective manner.
  • Establish and maintain a system of support services and production reporting and control that enhances management decision-making.
  • Supervise support services and production compensation system.
  • Participate in the problem resolution process for customers’ concerns and issues.
  • Other responsibilities as required.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Working knowledge of all aspects of sales support services (estimating and planning), scheduling, pre-press, sheetfed press, web press, letterpress, bindery/mailing operations, shipping and receiving.
  • Possess the leadership qualities of integrity, sound ethics, professional presence, and the ability to motivate others while holding them accountable.
  • Understand organizational patterns and effective organizational functioning.
  • Ability and experience to function as an effective member of a team.
  • Make sound decisions and resolve problems using facts, experience, problem-solving tools and personal judgment.
  • Adapt to changing situations.
  • Able and willing to delegate duties to others, monitor progress, and provide feedback.
  • Deal with various kinds of people in a friendly, professional manner.
  • Able to institute change without disrupting organization effectiveness.
  • Able to negotiate and resolve conflicts.
  • Able to recognize and observe the need for confidentiality both inside and outside the Company.
  • Good oral and written communication skills to include public presentations.
  • Understands the effects of politics and economic trends that impact Company plans.
  • Represent the Company and gather information useful to the Company by participating in such professional and industry associations as Printing Industry of Minnesota (PIM), Printing Industry of America (PIA) and others as appropriate.
  • Experienced in using contemporary office technology to include computers.

Specific Educational and Vocational Preparation:

  • Professional and personal maturity.
  • Previous direct experience in the management of printing production operations.
  • Successful organizational leadership with multiple reports.
  • A minimum of five years of related management work experience.
  • A minimum of a four year college degree in business or related studies or equivalent required.

Physical Demands:
(Light to moderate work)  Requires walking and standing 60% of shift time to perform management functions. Stooping and lifting and carrying up to 30 pounds on an infrequent basis. Entails minimal twisting, turning, bending at the waist and kneeling to perform project management. Frequent repetitive keystrokes on keyboard and handling disks. Ability to hear ordinary conversation is required. Near acuity vision is required. Depth perception, far acuity, visual accommodation are required. Requires 100% field of vision capabilities. Requires the ability to work rapidly for long periods and under pressure (both alone and as a member of a team). Ability to transport self and materials (via automobile, airplane, etc.) to suppliers, to customers’ sites, attend industry conferences or functions, etc.

Environmental Conditions:
Inside: Protection from weather conditions but not necessarily from temperature changes.

Reasoning Development:
Apply principles of logical thinking to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw conclusions. Interpret an extensive variety of financial and technical information in mathematical or diagrammatic form. Deal with several abstract and concrete variables. Control activities of individual and multiple processor units simultaneously. Requires ability to productively interact and perform well in a fast paced, demanding, pressure/stressful environment created by extreme work flows and demanding or changing deadlines.

Mathematical Development
Practical application of fractions, percentages, ratio, and proportion, practical algebra, and geometric construction. Read and use measuring devices such as micrometers, calibrated steel rulers, calipers, etc., where precision and interpretation are required.

Language Development:
Read reports, graphs, charts, periodicals, manuals, e-mail, job tickets, and business correspondence. Write: Write business memos, letters, e-mail correspondence, SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) performance evaluations and reports, using prescribed format and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, diction and style. Speak:  Speak clearly to communicate effectively about Company’s financial goals and objectives, scheduling information, and general Company information to others. Communicate with others using a telephone.


Published on Thursday, August 13, 2015 (updated 08/13/2015)

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