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Automation, it is not where we are headed, but where we need to be. It has become the backbone of the cutting process. No longer a luxury of the big shops, automation is necessary for a company’s very survival. Perfecta understands this. Since 1896 Perfecta has brought exiting new concepts into the cutting environment. Their total partnership with Baumann in 2005 allowed automation to take a great leap forward. Cutting systems from simple to completely automated are everyday. What Perfecta USA has to offer: Safe, Blazing Fast, Completely Accurate Paper Cutters, No Operator Required Joggers, Multiple Up Unloaders, Completely Automatic Pile Turners, Automatic Positioning Systems, And many other products which will make YOUR cutting department produce like never before! For more information please visit

Published on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 (updated 05/31/2014)

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