2002 TAGA Conference Presentations

Asheville, NC


Improving Metallic Ink Printing through Polarized Densitometry
Authors: Jorg Mannig & Ray Verderber

Enterprise Integration Application (EAI) for Small Printers
Authors: Jason Manosh, Chuck Gehman

Ink / Plates / Imaging

Phase Change Inks for Rotogravure
Authors: Alexandra Pekarovicova, Jan Pekarovic, Margaret Joyce, and Viera Khunova

Evaluation of Ink Transfer Theory
Authors: Seppo Särelä, Esko Härkönen, Hannu Paulapuro
Speaker: Seppo Särelä

Color and Color Metrics

The Effect of Gloss and Viewing Flare on Colour Appearance
Authors: Professor Tony Johnson and Julian Brammer

Advances and Alternatives in Color Science

Soft Proofing Using LCDs
Authors: Sarah Leckner, Dr. Stig Nordqvist

Emissive Color Measurement: Accuracy & Consistency
Author: Richard Fisch, Roger Siljander, and Jonathan Frost

Cross-Media Colour Management Via the Internet
Authors: Yui-Liang Chen, Ted Qingying Wen, and Mei-Chun Lo
Speaker: Yui-Liang Chen

Evaluation of a Method for Correcting for Measurement Errors Caused by Adjacent Colors
Author: David L. Spooner

Advanced Engineering

JDF Technology Overview
Authors: Dr. Rainer Prosi

How to Find the Sweet Spot on a Press

Towards an Optimized Process Towards an Optimized Process for Directory Printing using for Directory Printing using Statistical Methods Statistical Methods
Authors: R. Durand and D. Freeman

The Effect of Applying Various Temperatures on the Sheetfed Press on the Resulting Print Quality
Authors: Amélie Benoist, Anne Blayo, Bernard Pineaux, John Lind


JDF Device Capabilities
Authors: CIP4

Implementing CM
Authors: Tim Claypole

Cutting The Wires Cutting The Wires - “Transparent Printing”
Author: Ghilad Dziesietnik

Tools for Design for Environment (DfE) – Applications in the Printing Industry
Author: Maria Enroth

Identifying the competence requirements for human capital at different types of digital printing companies
Author: Anastasios E. Politis

ICC color management for print ICC color management for print production
Author: W Craig Revie

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