2014 Product of Excellence Award Winners


The following award winners were part of an amazing array of products entered into the competition this year.  To win a Product of Excellence award, an entry must be technically flawless. Winning this prestigious award is considered among many to be the pinnacle of success in the binding industry.

These graphic finishers, trade binderies and custom loose leaf manufacturers are some of the best in the world, and we encourage you to visit their websites.  We take great pride in our winners and they should be congratulated for a job well done!

Interested in the 2015 competition? We only have one question for you. Can you defeat the best?


2014 Product of Excellence Best of Show Winners
Pacific Bindery Services Ltd.

PBS Self Promotion piece

Holum Sons Company, Inc.

CareFusion Patient Kit piece

2014 Product of Excellence Winners

Nestlé Purina Better Together

Category: Innovative Use of Materials
Company: Binding Solutions, Inc.



Category: Case Binding
Company: BindTech Inc.

Nick Cave- Denver Art Museum

Category: They Said it Couldn't Be Done-Graphic Finishing
Company: BindTech Inc. 

2014 Tissot Calendar

Category: Mechanical Binding
Company: C&C Offset Printing Co., (Guangdong) Ltd.

Menu of Tonkichi Momijitel

Category: 4-Color Process Digital Paper
Company: C&C Offset Printing Co., (Guangdong) Ltd.

2014 C&C Year of the Horse Calendar

Category: Foil Stamping
Company: C&C Offset Printing Co., (H.K.) Ltd.

Lu Zhiya-A Pivotal Sea Collector of Our Time

Category: Adhesive Binding
Company: C&C Offset Printing Co., (Shanghai) Ltd.

Fiches Copains x 2 Titles

Category: Special Products
Company: C&C Offset Printing Co., Ltd.

Children's Wonderland

Category: Handwork
Company: C&C Offset Printing Co., Ltd.

Solo Service Group

Category: Screen Printing: Multi-Color
Company: Duraweld Limited

GB Boxing Coaching Handbook

Category: 4-Color Process Digital onto Plastic
Company: Duraweld Limited

2014 Holiday Box

Category: Self Promotion-Loose Leaf-Manufacturer
Company: Holum & Sons Company, Inc.

Accordion Spine Binder

Category: Special Products
Company: Holum & Sons Company, inc.

Changzhou Museum Gift Set

Category: Foil Stamping and Embossing
Company: Leo Paper Products Limited

2014 Hieroglyphs Gift Set

Category: Diecutting
Company: Leo Paper Products Limited

LG My Signature Kitchen

Category: Stitching
Company: Reindl Bindery Company, Inc.

Centerpoint Energy Rebate Program

Category: Mechanical Folding
Company: Seidl's Bindery

Rottler & Huelskamp T&S Binder

Category: Mechanical Folding
Company: Silvanus Products Inc.

Bookers Box

Category: Turned-Edge Casebound
Company: Trends Presentation Products

Samuelson Box

Category: Screen Printing: Single Color
Company: Trend Presentation Products

Budweiser Box

Category: They Said it Couldn't Be Done-Loose-Leaf
Company: Trends Presentation Products

CareFusion Patient Kit

Category: Boxes and Totes
Company: Holum & Sons Company, Inc.


Category: Self-Promotion-Graphic Finisher
Company: Pacific Bindery Services, Ltd.


Published on Thursday, April 10, 2014 (updated 07/15/2014)

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