Cell phone & Headphone Policy

The purpose of this policy is to address the use of all electronic devises in the workplace.  The primary objective is to promote safety, productivity, quality, privacy and limit company liability. 

“Electronic Device” is defined as any personal electronic device with the ability to receive and/or transmit voice, text, data messages, or access the internet, including but not limited to cellular phones, digital wireless phones, radio-phones, pagers, PDA’s, MP3 players, I-pods, I-pads, digital books and tablets, games, any type of hands-free device, headphones and ear buds, cameras and recording devices for voice or video.     

Production Environment

To insure the safety of our employees and visitors, the manufacturing plant is designated a “NO ELECTRONICS ZONE”.  This ZONE includes Printing, Converting, Shipping, Receiving, Warehouse and Maintenance.  Electronic devices are also prohibited in all company restrooms.  The following provisions apply: 

  1. All electronic devices must be completely turned off in the manufacturing plant (vibration mode is not acceptable), both during your working hours and during non-working time, while in the manufacturing plant.
  2. Electronic devices cannot be left out in the open or visible anywhere in the manufacturing plant.
  3. Electronic devises must be kept in lockers, purse, pocket, car, backpack, lunch container etc.
  4. Employees are free to use electronic devises outside of the manufacturing plant before and after their work schedule, and during breaks and lunch times (use in company rest rooms is prohibited at all times).                  
  5. Office staff, vendors, and visitors must comply with the No Electronics Zone requirement and will be notified by appropriate signage and/or company representative.


Personal phone calls - Production employees may not accept personal phone calls during scheduled work hours.  Family and friends should be informed to leave non-emergency messages on your personal cell phone, for you to return during breaks.  Emergency calls should be directed to the company phone numbers.  Emergency messages will be relayed immediately:

202-555-1212 (between 8 am and 5 pm)

202-555-0000 (before 8 am and after 5 pm)


Exceptions – Communication devices supplied by and authorized by the company for business operation purposes are exempt from this policy.  Managers and supervisors are authorized for personal cell phone usage, when necessary, for company business communication during times of production.  Whenever feasible, managers and supervisors must limit usage to outside the production area, or to private offices within the production area.  Usage in company rest room facilities is strictly prohibited.


Office Environment

The company recognizes that today’s business environment demands constant communication with customers, vendors, suppliers, and other business associates.  Therefore, some company business communication with electronic devises is expected.  However, personal use of electronic devises including texting, emailing, social networking, blogging, gaming, or browsing the Web should be limited to breaks and lunch times.  Vibration mode should be the default to avoid distracting others in the work environment.  Company rest rooms and the production areas are designated Deactivated Electronic Zones.


Driving on Company Business

Electronic devises enable employees to be more productive while on the road.  However, that convenience can pose significant safety and legal concerns.  When traveling on company business, it is critical that employees obey all applicable state and local traffic laws.  This includes speed limits, seatbelts, mobile electronic devises, etc. If it is necessary to use an electronic devise such as a cell phone while driving, use a hands-free device or the speaker phone feature.  Using electronic devises is discouraged when traffic is heavy or road conditions are poor.  Drivers are encouraged to keep cell phone conversations short, and refrain from taking notes while the vehicle is moving.  When possible, employees are encouraged to pull off the road and seek a safe parking area to conduct business.    You may not use your cellular phone or similar device to receive or place  text messages, surf the Internet, check phone messages, or receive or respond to email while driving if you are in any way doing activities that are related to your employment.



Company policiesincluding and not limited to:  safety, harassment, ethical conduct, confidentiality and protected health information, and conflict of interest apply fully to electronic devise usage.   Non-compliance will result indiscipline up to and including suspension and/or termination.




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Electronic Device Policy





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